DC's Watchmen Crossover: Doomsday Clock Teases the Return of Rorschach

Watchmen – Rorschach art by Dave Gibbons

A new cover for the DC Comics Watchmen crossover, Doomsday Clock #1 features Rorschach, a main character from the Watchmen series, and hints at his inclusion in the DCU. The Watchmen were originally kept separate from the rest of the main DC continuity, but after the events of DC Universe: Rebirth, it seemed like they were being pulled in alongside Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

The event began with DC Universe: Rebirth, and saw the return of many characters left out of The New 52, including the original red-haired Wally West. Rebirth's goal was to bring back the classic versions of DC's character and to bring back hope into the DC Universe. It has been revealed that after Doctor Manhattan left Earth at the end of Watchmen, he took 10 years away from the main DC Continuity. Why he did so, hasn't been revealed by Geoff Johns, but he'll probably reveal the answer during the Doomsday Clock #1 in November when Manhattan will cross over with the main DC Universe.

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Johns took to Twitter to reveal a look at the new cover for the series. It teases the return of the vigilante Rorschach, shifting between the character's usual mask and the logos for the core Justice League members. Johns hasn't explained how the vigilante detective will return, however, as at the end of Watchmen, he was blasted into oblivion by Doctor Manhattan so he wouldn't reveal the truth of the conspiracy that Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) had created to bring about world peace.

FIRST LOOK! #DoomsdayClock #1 has what I think is the coolest lenticular cover ever. Thank you, Dave! @1moreGaryFrank @bdanderson13 11/22/17

— Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) August 30, 2017

Rebirth has been going for over a year now -- and has been met with critical acclaim for many of its titles. But now the series is finally ready to look into the mystery behind the reboot. A character called Mr. Oz has been teased across many DC stories with fans speculating that this was the return of Ozymandias. And although his identity hasn't been confirmed, it doesn't seem likely that this could be Rorschach. So this does make us wonder what Rorschach will have to do in Doomsday Clock and if he'll side with the DC heroes or his former friends, the Watchmen.

If Rorschach is coming back into the fold, it's also plausible that other Watchmen characters like Nite Owl and Silk Spectre could return, too. The Comedian probably won't return, but if he did, there's a great deal of potential for the nihilistic character to go up against the heroes of the DCU.

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Doomsday Clock #1 will be released on November 22.

Source: Geoff Johns (via CBR)

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