DC Confirms Warner Bros. Is Developing A Plastic Man Movie

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DC has confirmed that a Plastic Man movie is in the works at Warner Bros., stretching the roster of DCEU heroes ever further. Created by Jack Cole, the character originally debuted in Quality Comics before being acquired by DC, and he has since served as a member of the Justice League, while also carrying numerous solo runs in the comics.

Plastic Man has come even more prominently into the comic book mainstream over the last decade. Grant Morrison notably added him to the Justice League roster, while Mark Waid explored the character further in his Divided We Fall run. Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns have also contributed to shining a fresh spotlight on the quirky hero, and, most recently, a limited series penned by Gail Simone was released in the Summer, casting him as the savior of The Justice League. In the wake of the successful comic run, rumors recently emerged that Warner Bros. is producing a big screen adaptation.

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The reports have since been officially confirmed, courtesy of DC Daily, that Warner Bros. is indeed moving forward with a Plastic Man movie. The script, as previously announced, will be written by Amanda Idoko. Idoko's first writing project, Breaking News in Yuba County, is currently in pre-production, with Laura Dern and Allison Janney set to star. As such, Plastic Man will be her biggest project to date.

This isn't the first attempt at adapting Plastic Man. Following the success of Tim Burton's Batman, The Wachowskis wrote a live-action adventure for the character. Unfortunately, the project disappeared into limbo until the later 2000s, when it was resurrected. With a release date scheduled for December 2009, both Jim Carrey and Bruce Campbell were considered for the role until it ultimately went to Keanu Reeves before before, once again, being scrapped. Rumors surfaced in 2013 that David Tennant would play the character in Zack Snyder's Justice Leaguebut those plans never came to fruition.

This movie would mark Plastic Man's first live-action appearance outside of segments filmed for the repackaged TV version. And, although a similarly powered character joined The Flash last year, they are not to be confused. Whether the success of Ralph Dibney, who has since been upgraded to a regular, played any part in the resurgence of the film is unknown. Whatever the case, Warner Bros. was clearly saving the more powerful character of the two for the big screen.

Now, fans will no doubt speculate as to who will play the malleable superhero, with some options including Ben Schwartz, who had been envisioned in the role previously and recently affirmed his desire for the role on Twitter. Following his work on Parks and Recreation and BoJack Horseman, casting Schwartz would certainly be fitting, especially considering Plastic Man will apparently include a blend of comedy and action. Although Aquaman star Jason Momoa insists that Henry Cavill will remain as Superman, it would seem that DC and Warner Bros. are still intent on producing less moody fare than was established in Man of Steel. As such, following the likes of Shazam! and Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), such a film as Plastic Man should fit right into the newly reshaped DCEU.

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Source: DC Daily

Key Release Dates
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
  • Joker (2019) release date: Oct 04, 2019
  • Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) release date: Feb 07, 2020
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) release date: Jun 05, 2020
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