Young Justice: Outsiders DC Universe Premiere Date Revealed

Young Justice: Outsiders' official premiere date has been revealed. The animated series is largely viewed as being cancelled too soon after just two seasons, but found new life and a larger following on Netflix. Now DC Universe has confirmed when exactly the series will return on the new platform.

The first season of Young Justice premiered on Cartoon Network back in 2010 and introduced a brand new take on several younger DC heroes. As much as those who saw the series loved it, ratings weren't high enough to warrant the continuation of the story. This was especially unfortunate for viewers as season two ended on a major cliffhanger and with several unanswered questions. When DC then revealed that they were launching a digital service all their own, they quickly revealed that Young Justice would continue there as Young Justice: Outsiders. Marketing for the return of the series has been limited but has included the release of a first trailer. But, when the series would debut remained a major question.

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DC has officially announced that Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere early next year. Those who subscribe to DC Universe will be able to see the first episode of season three on January 4, 2019. The company released a brief announcement teaser (featured at the top of this post) that uses DNA strands to cut from Earth to Apokolips.

For those who have been closely following Young Justice: Outsiders updates, this premiere date shouldn't come as too big of a surprise - but it is still great for DC to finally confirm it. The January 4th date was rumored to be the launch date back in August, and DC's official release schedule for their original programs teased that this would be the case. That same schedule also revealed that the new season will be released in two part, so January 4th will begin the rollout of the first several episodes, before the show takes a break until a return in June.

While some may feel a bit let down by the actual release date teaser video, it does continue to reaffirm the story of the season. Metahuman trafficking is going to be a major plot point of Outsiders, with technology being developed to reveal anyone who has the meta-gene and could either gain abilities or may currently be hiding them. This is why DNA strands are prevalent in the short teaser, while Apokolopis' inclusion ties back to the season 2 finale. In the final moments, Vandal Savage is revealed to be on Apokolopis meeting with Darkseid and the two of them appear to be the primary villains of the new season.

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Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere exclusively on DC Universe on January 4, 2019.

Source: DC

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