10 Powerful DC Universe Weapons We Hope To See In The DCEU

The DC Extended Universe finally seems to be picking up steam and have momentum on its side, which has enabled the studio to commission several further films. The introduction of heroes like Shazam means that “out there” ideas are fit for the taking, and we can expect many elements from the comics to be used in the movies.

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A highly intriguing option is to place focus on certain weapons from the DC Universe in the films, and these weapons can be used to shape several storylines. Should this route be taken, then we’d like to see these 10 weapons to be introduced in the DCEU.

10 Agony Matrix

This is quite likely the most physically powerful weapon in the DC Universe, as it rendered Superman incapacitated and in great pain. Darkseid manufactured this weapon, whose implementation caused Superman to writhe in agony. The fight was effectively won for Darkseid, who remarked the Agony Matrix would instantly kill anyone due to the incredible pain it dealt out, and Superman was the exception.

The Agony Matrix should appear in a future Justice League film and be Darkseid’s chief weapon against Superman once more. It’ll establish Darkseid as a genius and a ruthless warlord, who takes down the Man of Steel in one swift move.

9 Fear Gas

Now that Robert Pattinson is the new, younger Batman, we should ideally be in line for a number of stories set in the past where Batman comes across his Rogues Gallery for the first time. Scarecrow should be featured in these films, and the introduction of the Fear Gas comes with the territory.

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The Fear Toxins in Batman Begins made the film an incredible reboot, and the DCEU could allow the Fear Gas to be used on a wider scale, as this universe features super-powered beings. We can have the Fear Gas mass produced, or have it attack the population on a global scale.

8 Lazarus Pits

These pits were used by Ra’s Al Ghul to maintain his youth and imbue him with super abilities, but the Lazarus Pit is considered a weapon as well, seeing as Ra’s uses his new abilities to commit his evil doings. In an episode of Batman Beyond, Ra’s did use it a weapon when he manipulated the old Bruce Wayne to de-age himself, causing Bruce to momentarily became unhinged on a mental level.

The Lazarus Pits will enable the supervillain to operate outside Batman as well, with potential to challenge superheroes like Wonder Woman or the Flash. It could even be used to show the older Bruce Wayne becoming younger in the DCEU.

7 Hawkgirl's Mace

Hawkgirl from Justice League the animated series

Naturally, the appearance of the mace means Hawkgirl should be in line to appear in the DCEU as well, and this will be the right time to re-introduce the Justice League. As far as the mace is concerned, it is the one weapon in the universe that can defy magic.

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Made out of Nth metal, the mace has been used by Hawkgirl to render any magical attacks against her useless, which also means no Battlefield Removals, Reality Warping, or spellcasting works on her. This mace’s introduction will open up storylines where the Justice League can battle a magical foe and remain on even terms with them.

6 Lex Luthor's Warsuit

Should a Legion of Doom story happen in a future Justice League film, then Lex Luthor needs to appear wearing this warsuit. The weapon is wearable, and Lex can match Superman while donning it. The suit allows him to throw off Kryptonite blasts, which would mean Superman will have to rely on the Justice League members.

It also has the ability to summon telekinetic powers and can be used for flight, durability, and regeneration. All in all, the suit will empower Lex to challenge Superman and the Justice League without the viewer having to suspend their disbelief too much.

5 The Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine in DC Comics

This machine is supremely powerful, to the point where it is mainly there for bad than good. The Miracle Machine hasn’t even been made yet, as it first came into existence in 2960. It was built with the intention to allow the user to make anything a reality.

Whatever a person imagined would come true, and you can guess how catastrophic things can get when the imagination runs wild. The machine didn’t allow for any barriers in thinking, and even the slightest sinister thought meant that would become reality. The Miracle Machine is perfect for a Justice League movie where plans with good intentions fall into disarray like the situation in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

4 Joker Venom

If you’re being true to yourself, you know that Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad stank the place up. He had nothing reminiscent of the Joker’s genius or witty insanity, but this can be rectified by handing him the Joker venom. This is used by the supervillain in a variety of weaponry like guns and sprays, among other things, and renders the victim in a constant state of laughter – a condition that results in paralysis or death.

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A future Batman film needs to have that cunning Joker we all want, and the Joker venom is the way to go if the filmmakers want Joker to come across as a significant threat. We could even have Jason Todd’s death elaborated, where Joker used the venom to kill him.

3 Power Rings

Sure, we saw a Green Lantern’s ring in Justice League, but that was simply there as a nod to Green Lantern’s existing in the DC Extended Universe rather than it being anything important. Green Lantern Corps was meant to be released in 2020, but it appears it’s been indefinitely delayed.

Whenever the film is released, the Power Rings have to be the center focus. While we don’t want the Power Rings to conjure up lame stuff like it did in the 2011 Green Lantern movie. There are endless possibilities for cool things to be willed by the wearer.

2 Mobius Chair

Metron is a New God (although he claims not to be) who possesses this chair. While it doesn’t come across as anything special, the Mobius Chair is capable of easily moving through time and space within seconds. Metron doesn’t involve himself in the sides of good or evil, but we can have a story where the chair is stolen from him.

Imagining someone like Lex Luthor or Darkseid possessing this chair would mean curtains for the Justice League. Not even the Flash is capable of traveling as instantaneously as the Mobius Chair can. If nothing else, the chair can be used to show us the DCEU at large in places unimaginable.

1 The Anti-Life Equation

For those unaware, Darkseid’s endgame has always been the pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation – it’s the ultimate weapon, like the Infinity Stones in the MCU. However, not even the DC writers are sure what the Anti-Life Equation is capable of, and interpretations are far-reaching.

What the general consensus is, though, is that the weapon can be used to render the minds of every sentient being in the universe controllable. The equation “solves” the meaning of life by proving that life itself meaningless – you can see how that scrambles one’s brain. If the DCEU has an overarching story to culminate, then the Anti-Life Equation needs to be at the center.

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