DC Universe Reveals Original TV Show Release Schedule

DC Universe

DC Universe has released a calendar showing the streaming subscription service's release plan for its original TV series over the course of the next year. This schedule should give fans a good idea of when new shows will premiere on the service.

DC Universe recently launched with a whole back catalog of many of DC's classic television shows and movies, including the Wonder Woman series, the original Flash series, the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, animated classics and more. The service, which costs $7.99 per month, also offers an extensive library of DC Comics, a shop for exclusive merchandise and discussion forums for fans to connect with each other. Those who sign up, though, are probably most interested in DC Universe's original live-action and animation series.

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The DC Universe Original TV show release schedule for 2018-2019 was unveiled at the ongoing New York Comic Con 2018. Check it out, below:


The calendar shows that Titans will premiere in October, followed by the first half of the third season of the animated Young Justice, which is set to premiere in January 2019. Then fans will get a live-action Doom Patrol in February of that same year, followed by a live-action Swamp Thing in May. The second half of Young Justice season 3 (aka. Outsiders) will then premiere in June, followed by the live-action Stargirl in September and the animated Harley Quinn series in October. This goes in line with DC Universe's plans to have one of its original shows on every week throughout the year.

For those who live outside of the U.S., DC recently confirmed that Titans will air on Netflix. This will likely be the case with all of DC Universe's original series, at least until the service expands internationally. There are already plans to bring the streaming subscription service to Canada.

Although DC Universe already approved a second season for Titans, that does not appear on the schedule, suggesting that the new season might not arrive until 2020. Meanwhile, more information continues to become available for the rest of their original programming, including the recent casting news that The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco will voice Harley Quinn in that animated series.

Only time will tell if fans sign up for DC Universe in large numbers, but its original content should motivate people to give it a shot (at least, for a little while). The premiere date for Titans is just around the corner, and it's likely that if the series does well with fans and critics, more people will eventually subscribe to the service.

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Source: DC Universe [h/t CBR]

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