DC Universe's Stargirl Casts Anjelika Washington In Mystery Comics Role

Stargirl and Anjelika Washington

Anjelika Washington has joined the cast of DC Universe's Stargirl series. The series will join DC's new digital streaming platform, accompanying Titans, Doom Patrol, and the planned Swamp Thing adaptation. Although Titans will overtly intersect with Doom Patrol - with the former already planting seeds for the latter - Stargirl appears as though it will exist on its own as more of a standalone series.

Debuting in 1999 from creator Geoff Johns, Stargirl centers around a young woman named Courtney Whitmore who becomes a superhero after discovering that her step-father was once the sidekick to the super-powered Star-Spangled Kid. The character has been featured in episodes of Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow, and now the series is being adapted as one of DC Universe's brand new live-action TV series', with Johns personally overseeing the adaptation. Starring Brec Bassinger in the title role, it's recently been announced that Anjelika Washington (Young Sheldon) has also been cast.

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According to CBR, despite the fact that Washington has been officially cast in the new series, her role has yet to be revealed. The only snippet of information offered to fans regarding who she might be playing comes courtesy of Geoff Johns himself, who explained that the character she'll be playing is very much "familiar to DC Comics fans." Unfortunately, that's all he was willing to reveal for the time being.

Stargirl Legends of Tomorrow

Though Washington's role in Stargirl will undoubtedly be significant in her budding career, this won't be her first experience in the superhero universe. Aside from appearing in shows like Shameless and Young Sheldon, Washington has also starred in two episodes of Marvel's Runaways on Hulu. That said, he role in Stargirl is expected to be far more significant.

Given Stargirl's association with the Justice Society of America, as well as the fact that the series' official casting breakdown mentions that Stargirl will inspire other young heroes to rise up, there is evidence to support Washington being a fellow member of the reimagined team. She could very easily be playing a character named Maxine Hunkel, otherwise known as Cyclone or even a gender-reversed interpretation of Jakeem Thunder. Both characters were featured during Johns' tenure with the Justice Society of America, so they're worth considering. That said, it's also possible that Washington may be playing a younger version of Merry Pemberton (aka Gimmick Girl) or - assuming she's playing a villain - Stargirl's comic book nemesis Shiv.

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Stargirl will air on DC Universe sometime in 2019.

Source: CBR

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