DC Universe Online Getting Aquaman Expansion; Developer Calls It "Epic"

Daybreak Games' DC Universe Online will be getting an Aquaman update later this year. The MMO was developed by Sony Online Entertainment and initially launched in early 2011 on PC and PlayStation 3, and then it went free-to-play later that year, thereby amassing a substantial player base. That following only increased when the game released on the PlayStation 4 in 2014 and Xbox One in 2016 - a result of the studio going independent the year before and taking up the name Daybreak Games.

Although the game is now more than seven years old, the studio continues to produce a hefty amount of content for it, keeping the player base alive for as long as they can - and earn some money doing it. They recently released their 32nd episode, titled Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, in which they introduced several new characters and locations, such as Damian Wayne and the iconic Titans Tower. And now, they are gearing up to release yet another episode, this time bringing players to Atlantis.

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Daybreak Games announced during San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that their 33rd episode, seemingly titled "Atlantis," will be coming to DC Universe Online this November and introduce a plethora of new locations (Atlantis being the big one), missions, player rewards, and of course, characters - namely Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad, Ocean Master, and more. At Comic-Con, creative director S.J. Mueller told Screen Rant that it will be an epic episode that finally takes players to Atlantis:

"That is what we're very excited to announce right now, that's the big talk of the town. We're big fans of Aquaman in the studio; we've done some recent content that's building up to a huge episode. This is an epic thing, it's like Teen Titans but we're actually going to take the plunge, we're going to take the players to Atlantis. It's inspired a lot by the Rebirth Aquaman storyline, which features a character called Corum Rath. ... It's just going to be - I said epic, and I mean it."

While Daybreak Games doesn't have some sort of marketing agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures for James Wan's Aquaman movie, it's not coincidental that they've planned out this expansion to correspond with the release of this year's DC film. Even though the expansion doesn't tie into the movie, that doesn't mean gamers don't want to see Aquaman-themed content come to the free-to-play title. And it sounds like fans of Aquaman's Rebirth comics will be able to enjoy the story as well thanks to the studio taking inspiration from those stories, particularly the story arc, "Take Back the Throne."

At the moment, there are still a few details that remain secret, such as the other characters that will be joining the lineup, but the developers at Daybreak Games are clearly excited about the opportunity to bring Atlantis into DC Universe Online for the first time, and it'll be interesting to see what they do with the location - and the characters, for that matter - going forward.

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