DC Universe Reportedly Not in Danger Despite Swamp Thing Shutdown

The future of DC Universe still appears to be bright, despite reports that Swamp Thing's sudden shutdown was part of a larger revaluation of the digital service. Warner Bros. and DC launched DC Universe last year with the goal of the service to be a one stop shop for all things DC. Digital versions of comics can be found on it, along with a back catalog of older live-action and animated content, but one of the major selling points of DC Universe was the original content it would include.

The first of these series was Titans, which was later followed by a semi-spinoff series in Doom Patrol. DC Universe also became the home of the revival of Young Justice and has several shows - both animated and live-action - currently in various stages of development and production. One of these shows is a live-action Swamp Thing series produced by Aquaman's James Wan. There's been plenty of interest in the series, but trouble recently hit when it was revealed that the episode order had been reduced from 13 to 10. Production came to a halt to allow the ending of the season to be rewritten, but then speculation turned to this having negative implications on the future of DC Universe as a whole.

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Following these dour reports on DC Universe's future and others that cited "creative decisions" being the reasoning behind Swamp Thing's episode count change, Slash Film is providing an update of their own. They report that the trouble with Swamp Thing does "not reflect the health of the DC Universe service," indicating this is a one time instance and not part of a larger problem with the service. Additionally, their sources say that DC Universe is "outpacing expectations" in the six months since it launched.

Despite how the Swamp Thing news originally came across, it isn't too surprising to hear that DC Universe is not in trouble overall. The service is still airing new episodes of Doom Patrol, may be in production on season 2 of Titans, and has announced an entire slate of content that will arrive on a weekly basis for the remainder of the year. The service has also been making larger improvements to what it offers after an expanded comic library was revealed, and they just announced that the app is now available on Xbox One. This would be a lot of work to do for Warner Bros. and DC if they planned on shutting the service down anytime soon and after a fairly short launch window.

That said, this doesn't mean that changes to DC Universe and its content aren't on the way. WarnerMedia is currently in the process of developing a streaming service of their own, which will see content from HBO, New Line, WB, and more all be made available at one place. With the streaming wars in full swing, it may better suit WarnerMedia to consolidate their services into one offering, instead of having HBO Go, DC Universe, and the new streamer all going simultaneously and selling separately. That's just speculation for now though, so expect DC Universe to continue to remain intact for the next few months at the very least, even if Swamp Thing is potentially short lived.

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Source: Slash Film

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