DC Universe's Doom Patrol TV Show Villain Reportedly Revealed

Doom Patrol, the latest live-action TV series set in the DC Universe, might've found its main villain. Doom Patrol is one of several TV series that DC Comics and Warners Bros. are planning to launch on DC Universe. The aspect that sets Doom Patrol apart from other DC Universe series like Swamp Thing and Young Justice: Outsiders is that it's a spinoff. Doom Patrol will be set up in the first season of and exist in the same universe as the somewhat controversial Titans.

Doom Patrol is based on the DC Comics super team of the same name. The series will adapt many of the Patrol's classic characters for live-action. The casting for the series has moved forward at a considerable pace with several the main hero roles already filled. However, the central villain has remained a mystery and it appears as if Doom Patrol is picking a very surprising (and obscure) choice for the big bad.

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According to THSDoom Patrol is aiming to introduce Eric Morden aka Mr. Nobody as the first major villain. Mr. Nobody is far from a household name. He does has deep historical ties to the Doom Patrol though. The character first appeared in 1964's Doom Patrol #86 as a simple criminal. Eventually, he transformed to the super powered villain Mr. Nobody in 1989's Doom Patrol  #26. The transfiguration from Morden to Mr. Nobody warps his appearance and turns the man into a "living shadow". As Mr. Nobody, Eric Morden is insane, bitter, and vengeful.

For the TV series, the studio reportedly wants to cast an A-List actor between the ages of 30 and 50. This version of Mr. Nobody will be looking for revenge against the person who enact the experiment that turned him into a shadow, stuck between two dimensions. Throughout the course of his revenge mission, Morden will come across the Doom Patrol. He'll evidently develop a grudging respect for them, despite a hatred of superheroes. This makes it sound as if Nobody, who is rather goofy character in the comics, will be given a lot more pathos in the series.

Nobody isn't anyone's first pick for the main Doom Patrol villain. However, there's a case to be made for Morden being the perfect choice for the fledgling series. Most of the superheroes of the Doom Patrol are those who have gained their powers through accidents, mishaps or tragedies. There's a reason Doom Patrol isn't as recognizable as the Justice League or the Teen Titans. It's full of characters who are misfits and rejects. If executed correctly, Mr. Nobody could serve as the antithesis of the Doom Patrol  team. He would exist as a character who turned to bitterness, not hope, after his tragic accident.

There's also not many other options for Doom Patrol specific villains. Although the team of unlikely heroes has a long history, first appearing in 1963, they've always been on the sidelines of the DC Universe. There's no iconic Doom Patrol story or villain that would be the obvious option to adapt for live-action. The TV series though will likely try to change the perception of the Doom Patrol for the better.

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Doom Patrol does not yet have a premiere date.

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