DC Universe Service Eyes August Launch, Includes Comics, Movies, & Shows

Warner Bros' upcoming DC Universe digital platform and streaming service is eyeing a late August launch. It was first revealed a little over a year ago that DC Entertainment planned on establishing a new digital service that would incorporate both old and new TV shows, of which the two biggest announcements were the renewal of the animated series Young Justice - now titled Young Justice: Outsiders - and a live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans comics, titled Titans.

Then, it was officially announced last month that the platform would be titled DC Universe (going based on the title for DC Comics' interconnected comic book universe). While several of the TV shows have been in the works for months now, an exact premiere date or launch date for the platform was never revealed. The only thing audiences have had to go on is that the service would debut sometime in 2018. While there hasn't been any specifics from the studio on that front, it now seems like the DC Universe platform may finally launch this summer.

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In a recent interview on the James Bonding Podcast, DC Entertainment's community manager Dani Snow revealed that they are targeting a "late August" launch date for the DC Universe digital platform. It will be a "hub for all things DC," which includes a host of movies, TV shows (both old and new), and comics.

Although Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders were the first two DC TV shows that were announced last year, DC Entertainment is also developing live-action TV shows for Swamp Thing (with Aquaman's James Wan producing), Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol, though neither of those roles have been cast as of yet. But what's interesting is that, in addition to developing new TV shows, the DC Universe service will also have a catalog of old DC movies and TV series. Considering that there haven't been too many live-action DC films over the years (not as much as Marvel), and since Warner Bros. has been hosting most of those movies on HBO (another division of Time Warner), it's curious as to which movies DC Entertainment will include on the platform. Of course, DC also has plenty of animated films they can add to their digital library, including their fan-favorite animated TV properties.

But, perhaps the most interesting news here is that there will also be comic books on the digital platform. DC Comics fans have waited years for DC Entertainment to launch a comic book service similar to Marvel Comics' Marvel Unlimited platform - and it looks like it finally may be happening. However, Snow refrained from diving into that information, revealing which comics will be added and how new they will be. With San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, though, fans shouldn't have to wait too long to find out.

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Source: James Bonding Podcast

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