DC Universe is Coming For Marvel Unlimited With 21,000+ Comics

DC has rolled out a big update for its DC Universe streaming service, adding over 21,000 comics for subscribers' reading pleasure. The service is now a big competitor for Marvel Unlimited, as Unlimited only features comics while DC has both comics and original shows.

Although it may feel like DC Universe just launched, the streaming service has been available since September of last year. Content is expanding, and what's already there has been liked by fans. Titans was the first show to be featured. Although the first trailer was controversial, a number of subscribers have enjoyed the show and are eagerly anticipating season 2. Doom Patrol is very well liked. Arguably, the most popular show is Young Justice: Outsiders, the sequel to the canceled Cartoon Network series. Upcoming shows include a Harley Quinn animated series, Swamp Thing (though it had its episode count diminished), and Stargirl.

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After an announcement in March, DC Universe now features a complete selection of comics from throughout DC's history. According to a press release, DC Universe has digital access to over 21,000 individual issues. Although you can't use the service to keep up with the current weekly issues, as there has to be one year of release from any given issue, it's still a very useful resource for subscribers. Except for current issues, users should be able to find any DC comic. Plus, issues will be added monthly. (An issue that's releasing tomorrow will be available one year later, as an example of how releases work.) As for reading features, the service will have page mode, an auto-play by panel, and cloud bookmarks to remember where one left off. Also, subscribers can download issues for offline reading similar to downloading movies on Netflix.

Comic recommendations will be given to subscribers based on current and upcoming movies, series, and DC's original streaming content. So, users can probably expect some essential stories with The Joker to tie into the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix film, for example. Of course, subscribers will be able to create their own playlists as well.

DC's digital comic lineup is impressive. A person who may only be a casual comic reader now has a chance to read a multitude of issues instantly. It's also a great resource for reading material that movies and shows are based on. Maybe someone is watching the final season of Gotham and wants to see how No Man's Land went down in the comics, for example. Those concerned that DC Universe would see a price hike due to a large catalog of comics can rest easy. DC Universe is still $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year. For some DC fans, the price is worth it just for the comics alone.

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