DC TV: 10 Shows That Would Be Perfect For DC Universe

The DC TV Universe is still going strong with more than ten shows going on currently. While The CW has its massive line of Arrowverse shows, there is also the original programming over on DC Universe. Currently, their slate consists of Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing (now canceled), Young Justice, and the coming Stargirl and Harley Quinn shows. However, they haven’t revealed what could be coming in the future when it comes to original programming.

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Having seen what they are capable of with their current slate of series, we know they can be done well and right. With the DC Comics world being filled with characters that have yet to get their own series, here are ten shows that would be a perfect fit for DC Universe.

10 Lobo

During the summer, SYFY decided to not continue Krypton after the second season came to an end. The last season introduced the famous bounty hunter Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan) who SYFY was trying to develop a spin-off for. But once the Superman prequel drama was canceled, the network also scrapped their plans for a Lobo series.

However, showrunner Cam Welsh stated that the spin-off could still find life elsewhere, but nothing has been said since. That’s why we think it’s a no-brainer for DC Universe to bring the Lobo character over to their streaming service. It would also allow the world of Krypton, through Scanlan’s character, to live on.

9 Secret Six

While the DC films have the Suicide Squad franchise going on, with the second film in production, TV could still use a villainous team. That’s where Secret Six comes, a property that CBS was trying to develop into a live-action series. But that project didn’t go past the development stage as the network is no longer trying to make it happen.

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What has worked so far for DC Universe is their team shows through Titans and Doom Patrol. A Secret Six series would allow DC to explore a team dynamic through the perspectives of villains on a weekly basis.

8 The Question

One of the biggest DC questions (heh) that has yet to be answered is how the character of The Question will get a live-action treatment and what it could look like. With the great storytelling that can be told through Vic Sage as an investigative reporter/superhero, it’s a shame we have yet to see a Question centered project.

For DC Universe, a series focused on the Question would be something that we don’t have in the other DC shows right now. Also, it would be intriguing to see how someone would bring the faceless mask into live-action. If the Warner Bros. movie division were ever to allow Renee Montoya (The Second Question) to join the small screen too, it could become a series centered on both of them in later seasons.

7 Smallville Season 11: The Animated Series

Smallville’s Tom Welling and Erica Durance are reprising their roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover later this fall. With the ten-season long Superman prequel series coming back for the crossover, could the show return for more stories? While a live-action revival is probably not happening any time soon, an animated series would be a brilliant idea.

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After the series ended with its tenth season in 2011, the story continued in a comic format in Smallville Season 11 that is canon to the show. In fact, Welling as well as his co-star Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor, have expressed interest to return to their Smallville roles through an animated series. With Season 11 having done several amazing stories, there is plenty to go with for an animated series.

6 Booster Gold

Another hero who is ready for his own solo project is Michael Jon Carter a.k.a. Booster Gold. Having appeared in various media, both animation and live-action, Booster is a fan-favorite for certain. A film centered on him has been in the works for quite some time from Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti and screenwriter Zack Stentz (The Flash, X-Men: First Class, Thor.) The last update about the project was in May of this year with Stentz confirming that the script is ready and that it’s all up to the studio.

With the uncertainty of what previously-announced DC projects are or aren’t happening, what if Booster headed to DC Universe? Perhaps Stentz could use his script and turn it into a weekly series following the time-traveling hero in gold. This could also be a way to utilize the character of Ted Kord a.k.a. Blue Beetle in a property as he is known for his partnership with Booster.

5 Justice Society of America

The next live-action drama to hit DC Universe is Geoff Johns’ upcoming Stargirl series with Brec Bassinger portraying the iconic heroine. The show will follow Courtney’s journey into becoming a hero while also involving the legacy of the Justice Society of America. While several members of the group have been cast, the show is reportedly going to focus mostly on the new generation of heroes.

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However, with an iconic group as big as the JSA, their stories are just waiting to be told on a weekly basis. That’s why DC Universe should look into doing an actual JSA show that could be a prequel to Stargirl and follow the heroes back when they were young and active.

4 Elseworlds

Ever since last year’s Arrowverse crossover and recently the release of Joker, the Elseworlds concept is more relevant than ever. With the exception of Brandon Routh reprising his role from Superman Returns, with a Kingdom Come influence, in the Crisis crossover, many of these stories have yet to be told outside of comics.

What DC TV doesn’t have right now is an anthology series of any kind. That’s why an Elseworlds series would be a perfect opportunity for DC Universe. Each season could adapt any of the famous storylines such as Kingdom Come, Gotham by Gaslight or Superman: Red Son. It would also allow fans who may have never read these stories to see the DC Universe in a different light.

3 Batman Beyond

How has Terry McGinnis a.k.a. Batman of the future still not hit the world of live-action? While there have been attempts at a Batman Beyond film by Warner Bros., the character still hasn’t appeared beyond animation and comics. DC Universe could be the perfect home to develop a series that would bring Terry’s Batman to life.

It wouldn’t conflict with WB’s film division that is busy getting The Batman franchise up and going starring Robert Pattinson. It would also be a great opportunity to follow a DC world set in the future.

2 Justice League Dark

One of the corners of the DC world that doesn’t get explored enough in media is the supernatural side. While a Justice League Dark film has been developed for years now, it’s most likely not going to happen any time soon. With the great characters that exist on that team such as Zatanna, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Etrigan and more, it would make for a neat assemble drama on DC Universe.

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It could also allow The Swamp Thing from the canceled series to live-on and perhaps even get Matt Ryan’s Constantine involved in one way or another. A Justice League Dark series would be a great way to explore the supernatural and magic aspects of DC that we don’t see enough of currently.

1 Wonder Woman

While Gal Gadot is portraying Wonder Woman in her own movie franchise, there is a way for TV to play with the Themysciran heroine, but with a twist. We can understand if the film division wants to avoid having another Diana Prince at the same time as Gadot’s version.

That’s why Warner Bros. and DC Universe should look into bringing the Nubia version of Wonder Woman to life. On Earth-23, Nubia is the Wonder Woman of that world. Doing a Wonder Woman series with Nubia wouldn’t conflict with the film franchise and also allow for some incredible diversity to join DC’s live-action world.

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