Titans Calls Out Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel Superman Reinvention

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Titans has backtracked on its recent in-world statements, now throwing shade on the Man of Steel-esque advice that was previously offered. Recent episodes saw the introduction of Conner Kent (a.k.a. Superboy). Fresh from his escape from Cadmus Labs, he sought to uncover the truth of his heritage. That journey eventually brought him into contact with Eve Watson, a renowned geneticist who had a direct hand in his creation. After revealing to him the truth of his origins, the duo found themselves cornered by Lex Luthor's armed forces. Allowing herself to be captured so that Conner may escape, she advised him in a similar fashion to Pa Kent in Zack Snyder's movie.

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Despite the advice to keep his head down and not be a hero, Conner's more heroic instincts kicked when he witnessed Jason Todd sent plummeting from a skyscraper by Deathstroke. Though not quite leaping tall buildings in a single bound, his efforts were enough to save the young Robin's life. Unfortunately for him, the noble gesture came at great consequence. Having successfully been able to track him as a result, Mercy Graves shot him with a kryptonite bullet and reclaimed Krypto. As such, with the Titans only able to watch on as he succumbed to his wounds, Eve's words previous pearls of wisdom seemed particularly apt and prescient.

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That all seemed to change in the very next episode of Titans, however. With Conner having been transferred to Titans Tower, the fledgling superhero had been sewn up by Dawn Granger and was as stabilized as he possibly could be. And Eve and Krypto the Superdog, though recaptured, were in no worse a predicament than before and quickly able to help each other escape. Tracking Conner down, they provided Starfire with the knowledge needed to cure the ailing clone of his Kryptonite poisoning. It was shortly after this that Eve and Superboy had a heart-to-heart. Over the course of it, Conner declared himself sorry for not listening to Eve's advice, only for his surrogate mother figure to tell him that he was right to ignore it and that it was terrible advice.

Joshua Orpin as Superboy Titans season 2

In a somewhat ironic twist, however, Eve's earlier advice was pretty instrumental in saving Jason Todd's life. While wandering the streets of San Francisco aimlessly, Conner attempted to follow her rules - to the point that he forced himself and Krypto to ignore a violent mugging taking place. Had he stopped to assist with that incident - or any number of others he may have seen or even superhumanly heard from a distance - then he might not have been in place to ensure Jason's transition into Red Hood won't occur just yet. As such, it's kind of a self-defeating argument. There is no real right or wrong answer with regards to being a hero. Especially when there will always be somebody to save and somebody else looking to exact consequences.

As Titans is somewhat trying to convey, the road to being a hero isn't always a straight one and there isn't always a right or a wrong way to be one. All any hero - or any person can do - is their best based on a number of internal and external factors. That fact is clearly something Conner - like DCEU's Superman before him - will have learned going forward. However, this isn't the first retcon to occur in season 2, unfortunately. Not only have the majority of characters undergone major shifts but the story itself seems to twist and turn back on itself almost on a weekly basis. As a result, even previously established backstories have been rewoven. Fans will, of course, have their own views on this lesson and the shade with which it was conveyed. Hopefully, with the show continually finding its footing and improving, Conner's education will serve as a metaphor for Titans itself settling on a more consistent mantra.

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