DC's Titans TV Show New Trailer Is Full Of Batman References

DC's jam-packed second official trailer for Titans revealed that Robin's history with Batman will play a pivotal role in the first season. Series footage released since the famous "F*ck Batman" trailer revealed that Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) left the Dark Knight behind over his fear of being consumed by his mentor's demons. Today's trailer answered some burning questions about what kind of leader fans can expect Robin to be.

DC previously released a series of character trailers previewing each of the misfit hero's states. Robin is seen struggling with who he has become since his parents were murdered and he was taken in by Bruce Wayne. Beast Boy, much like Ezra Miller's Flash in Justice League, is seemingly portrayed as a quirky loner who's mostly excited about making some friends. Raven and Starfire appeared to be in hiding, with a fearful Raven holed up in a church, and Starfire having been subjected to experiments. Today it was also revealed that Titans will be coming to Netflix on international markets since DC's streaming service is only available in the US for the time being.

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The second official trailer for Titans (via ComicBook) reveals that Dick is now a detective working Detroit. He's made his solo debut as Robin, and appears to cross paths with Raven over the course of his police work. Check out the full trailer below:

Robin apparently hadn't been seen for a year since leaving Gotham. It's implied that he's come to some peace with leaving Batman behind, as he replies, "I guess we had different ideas of how to do the job," when asked about him. It's further confirmed that Robin will bring together and lead the team. He's seen with Dawn Granger (Dove), who brings up that taking care of the troubled teens the way that Bruce Wayne took him in may help him heal.

While fans originally expected a much more violent Robin, this first look at Detective Dick Grayson shows a caring older brother figure. As Raven struggles with her literal inner demons, his reaction is full of empathy and comfort, despite his prior ruthless beating of thugs. There's also an apparent age gap within the team. Raven, who has run away from home is kidnapped by some religious marauders, and is then rescued by Starfire. She then gushes over her new friend "Kori's" formidable fire-throwing abilities. Meanwhile, the comic book romances seem to be playing out. Raven and Beast Boy are seen flirting in an arcade, while Robin and Starfire share a kiss in the dark. As grim as fans have been expecting Titans to be, it looks like their will also be plenty of feel-good moments. Maybe that's the point of the life without Batman.

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Titans premieres October 12 on DC Universe.

Source: ComicBook

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