DC's Titans: Every Superhero, Ranked

The Titans make up some of the most powerful superheroes in all of the DC Universe. However, with an array of Titans out there, ranking them is definitely not the easiest thing to do. With characters having super-human powers, mystical abilities or advanced combat skills, choosing the strongest can become an impossible task. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

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From founding members of the Titan group to villains-turn-heroes all the way to the vital characters that make the team quite exceptional (including some pop-ins from Doom Patrol), here are the 11 best Titan heroes, ranked!

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11 Elasti-Girl

Elasti-Girl, also known as Rita, is a member of the Doom Patrol. Many fans are familiar with Doom Patrol as the quirky superhero group that took Beast Boy under their wing before he was ever part of the Titans. The character is quite the mother figure, especially to Beast Boy, however, her capabilities make her stand out as quite the impressive superhero.

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Not only is she incredibly compassionate and considerate, but she possesses superhuman powers that allow her to grow to incredible sizes and stretch just about anyway; hence her name, Elasti-Girl!

10 Robotman


Cliff Steele, who is most known as Robot Man, is also a member of the Doom Patrol. Despite the origins of Robot Man being unknown, it was revealed that Steele's human brain was transplanted into a large robotic body, which puts him on the same caliber as similar characters such as Cyborg.

Robotman, despite not actually being a Titan, possesses some gnarly powers including superhuman levels of physical strength, endurance, and immense resilience to physical and energy attacks! These qualities easily make Robotman worthy of a mention, to say the least!

9 Negative Man


Negative Man, also known as Lawrence Trainor, is best known for his role on DC Titans as a member of the Doom Patrol. He first appeared in the Homecoming Part 1 and has since made several appearances on the Netflix hit. His sarcastic and matter-of-fact attitude makes him quite an interesting addition to the cast, however, it is his powers that make him quite unique.

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Negative Man is capable of creating a negative energy duplicate of himself that emerges from his own body, which is then capable of destroying just about anything from machines, settings of bombs, and super strength. However, the only downfall with him is that he can only remain out of his body for one minute, which may not be the best when his powers are needed most.

8 Jason Todd

Jason Todd first appeared in Batman #357 and is most known for his role as Batman's assistant. He has several notable aliases that comic fans have been able to follow, however, when it comes to DC Comics take on the Titans, he steps in as the replacement for the current Robin, Dick Grayson. Despite him having serious combat skills, there is no way we could place Jason Todd above the original assistant to Batman.

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Although he may be stepping in as the second Robin, Todd sure does have a lot of energy, and a sense of self-awareness that brings a new and exciting essence to the character, making him a solid contender for making this list!

7 Dove

DC Comics

Dove is the second half to superhero, Hawk! The dynamic duo is best known for their combined strengths as a team, however, we figured we'd give them each a spot as they both bring something to the table. Dove is notorious in the comics for her strengths and capabilities that were empowered by the Lord of Order and Peace. However, this story surrounding Dove's powers has yet to be explored on DC's Titans, therefore, perhaps there is much more to this character than meets the eye.

6 Hawk

When it comes to the newest season of Titans on Netflix, Hawk is actually considered to be a powerless vigilante, rather than a superhero. However, he goes far back in the DC world and started off as a Titan hero with extraordinary capabilities. First appearing in Showcase #75, and as a recurring Titan member, he possesses powers that allow him to turn into a super-being with super-strength, stamina, speed, and agility; along with quick healing factors that make him impermeable to many of his opponent's dirty tricks. This ultimately makes Hawk quite the powerful member and one that provides the Titans with a sense of completeness.

5 Robin (Dick Grayson)

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson:Robin in Titans

The Robins have been played by a vast number of different characters, however, when it comes to one of the founding members of the Titans, Dick Grayson, he is a shoo-in for one of the best Titan heroes there are.

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Despite no Robin character, Grayson or other, ever possessing superhuman powers or abilities, the Robins have always been some of the best fighters out of all the Titans. Their extensive knowledge on combat comes from the fact that they were literally trained by one of the most epic superheroes ever: Batman.

4 Wonder Girl

Donna Troy, who notoriously plays none other than Wonder Girl, is undoubtedly one of the most important members of the Titans. Although she may have quite a confusing storyline dating back to her foggy childhood, she is most known for her Wonder Woman-like powers. Although many people are thrown off by the word "Girl," it's important to not let that fool you! Considering Wonder Girl possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and outstanding combat skills, she is hands down a powerhouse force that cannot be ignored at any cost.

3 Beast Boy

Beast Boy, similarly to Wonder Girl, is often times not taken seriously due to the word "Boy," however, it's best to let his powers prove just how strong he truly is. Beast Boy has qualities that separate him from the rest of the Titan hero members and make him one of the most unique out of the whole group. With shape-shifting abilities, he can transform himself into just about any creature he wishes, which can definitely come in hand during a battle. Whether he transforms into a creature as small as a fly or big as an elephant, Beast Boy is always ready for his opponent and can easily take them by surprise with his ever-changing animal transformations.

2 Starfire

When it comes to Titan heroes, no one better comes to mind than Starfire! She is without a question one of the strongest Titans and one that should be approached with major caution. If the name isn't intimidating enough, Starfire has got some gnarly superpowers that put her in a league of her own.

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With abilities to absorb ultraviolet energy and emit it on just about whoever she wishes, she is definitely not someone you'd want to tick off. Along with her disintegrating energy powers, she also possesses super-strength, which is exactly why she falls so high atop this list.

1 Raven

When it comes to power and strength, no other Titan can claim those titles as best as Raven. Not only is Raven one of the most important Titan heroes, but she is easily one of the most powerful DC characters of all time. Considering she is the half-human daughter to the powerful demon, Lord Trigon, it goes without question that she can handle just about any villain that comes her way.

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Although she may be powerful, possessing magical powers and the ability to teleport and move objects with her mind, she finds herself having trouble controlling her powers, making her all that much more of a threat.

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