DC's Titans TV Show Will Stream on Netflix Outside of the U.S.

International comics fans will get to see DC Universe's original TV show Titans on Netflix, who acquired the rights to the series outside the U.S.

DC Universe original TV show Titans will stream on Netflix outside of the U.S. since Netflix officially acquired the international rights for the series, which means that Titans fans all over the world will have access to the new show.

Titans is an upcoming television series based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name. The team consists of Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, among others. The group acts as a sort of younger version of the Justice League, but still faces threats that affect the entire planet and universe. The series is exclusive to the new DC Universe streaming subscription service and will premiere on October 12.

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Fortunately, fans outside of the U.S. who cannot subscribe to DC Universe will have the opportunity to watch Titans on Netflix. Variety reports Netflix picked up the international rights for the series, allowing the service to carry the show outside of the U.S. This is not the first time that Netflix has picked up such rights for a show from a competitor: it also owns the rights to air CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery outside of the U.S. and Canada.

DC Universe recently launched a service that includes access to a lineup of classic DC Comics-related TV shows, as well as access to many issues of comics in its vast library. The service will host original content, too, including Titans and Doom Patrol, although it plans on eventually having original content available on the site every week. The service is currently limited to the U.S., although it seems DC Entertainment has plans to expand it to Canada soon.

Launching a new streaming subscription service is a risky move, especially given the competition. With services such as Netflix and Amazon continuing to expand original content, along with all the other streaming services already available or launching soon, many TV viewers might not want to add on an additional fee every month to sign up for DC Universe. DC offers much more than just classic series and original content, though: the addition of comics access could serve as a tipping point to convince people to sign up.

Whatever the case, DC fans outside of the U.S. will have at least some access to DC Universe's content. And how well Titans does on Netflix with a global audience could set the stage for DC Universe's plans for international expansion when the company decides the service is ready for that.

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Source: Variety

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