DC's Live-Action Titans TV Show Begins Production

Prepare to suit up with your favorite DC superheroes, because it looks like work has already begun on Akiva Goldsman's highly-anticipated Titans TV series. So, can Warner Bros. emulate the success of the Teen Titans comic books and cartoon for a new generation and a whole new platform?

Hoping to cash in on the success of the likes of Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham, Titans is the latest DC entity to find a home on the small screen. As Marvel moves ahead with the likes of The Defenders and Inhumans, DC aims to bring even more fan-favorite DC Comics characters to our screens with its live-action Titans TV show.

Taking to Twitter during San Diego Comic-Con, DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns revealed that Titans has begun production (see below). With Johns also helping to create Titans, it is clear that it is one project particularly close to his heart:

Oh. This also started this week... @AkivaGoldsman #Titans

— Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) July 21, 2017

First introduced in 1964, the Teen Titans franchise largely focussed on a younger crop of DC's heroes. However, don't let a lack of experience put you off, because well-known additions like Robin, Superboy, and Cyborg, mean that the Teen Titans have shown they aren't to be messed with. The original incarnation was introduced as Kid Flash, Dick Grayson's Robin and Aqualad in The Brave and the Bold #54, but the team grew, and the official name of Teen Titans was first used in The Brave and the Bold #60 in 1965. The Teen Titans comic book series ran until 1973, and has undergone several reboots over the decades. While the Teen Titans have appeared in several animations - and even had their own cartoon series - Titans marks their entry into the world of live-action.

We still know relatively little about the project and only know that it will be a 13-episode series that it will air on DC's new streaming service. As for the roster of heroes, it is rumored that the ranks will include Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Nightwing; however, with the DCEU pushing forward with its Nightwing solo film, fans are now unsure if Dick Grayson will also find a home on Titans. It isn't unlike DC to have two actors playing the same part for the small and big screen adaptation, but the timing could be a little too close on this one.

The show has been in development for quite some time, but just like the identities of our masked vigilantes, DC has been keeping the cards close to its chest on this one. Despite Johns announcing that Titans is go, the whole show is still in its formative stage. The good news is, if the wheels have started turning, we can probably expect a steady stream of titbits and set photos until the show's eventual release some time in 2018. With production underway, a casting announcement has to be just around the corner - and apart from a tease that Drake Bell could be playing some form of Robin, it is anyone's guess who will nab a role in the lucrative DC project.

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Source: Geoff Johns

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