DC's Titans TV Series Will Be Filming in Toronto

DC's Teen Titans are headed to the Great White North, as a new report indicates Titans will be filming in Toronto. For years now, fans of the Teen Titans have been teased about the young DC heroes getting their own live-action series. Though several animated shows and movies have showcased their exploits and adventures, the promise of a show akin to Arrow has been an enticing one. And while news that the original plans were scrapped seemed to dash those hopes, they were revived in April when it was announced the series was moving forward on DC's new digital service.

Along with the revival of Young JusticeTitans will help DC test out new waters for their content. The CW already has a Vixen animated series on their Seed platform, and it's possible that the show's reception encouraged DC to pursue a streaming service unique to their content. Almost as soon as the news broke of Titans coming to life, word emerged that Geoff Johns was already hard at work on the script. News then broke that the show would be shooting this September, making a premiere in early 2018 possible. Now, we know where the action will be taking place—at least behind the camera.

My Entertainment World has updated their production listing for Titans indicating the show will be filming in Toronto as opposed to Atlanta where it was originally meant to shoot.

Atlanta has become a hotspot for film and TV production, including the CW's upcoming Black Lightning. Canadian cities like Vancouver and Montreal, meanwhile, have long served the same purpose. Likely, the move comes down to tax incentives, but it could point towards the look of the series if they want to take advantage of the Canadian wilderness. The show will probably mostly take place in the city, however, and it could be that Atlanta is simply too crowded at this point.

The other potential good news is that the production for Titans will be that much closer to the Arrowverse, at least physically. Shows like The Flash and Arrow shoot in Vancouver, making a potential crossover at least a little bit more viable than if Titans shot in Atlanta. Only time will tell if the shows will join forces, or if Titans will stay separate like Gotham.

With Titans on the verge of shooting, we should learn a lot more about the show soon. Earlier this week, we received our first casting breakdown for the show, pointing towards the inclusion of Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire. Given that none of these characters have yet appeared in the Arrowverse, it would be great to see them join up with established characters like Speedy and Kid Flash to complete the comic connections. Hopefully, we'll know more soon.

Titans will likely premiere in 2018 on DC’s digital service.

Source: My Entertainment World

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