DC's Titans TV Show Casting Breakdown May Hint At Superboy

The next member of the crew on DC's Titans might have just been revealed to be Connor Kent aka. Superboy. Titans, which will launch on DC Comics' own streaming service called DC Universe, is easily one of the company's biggest upcoming live-action TV series. It's also a bit of a gamble as besides a few set photos and official costume glimpses, very little is known about Titans.

It has been confirmed that Titans will adapt the young superhero team of the same name, led by Robin (who will be played by Brenton Thwaites). Other confirmed members of the team are Starfire, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove and Raven. A new casting breakdown has hinted that a certain Kryptonian, otherwise known as Superboy or Conner Kent, will be joining the series in the season 1 finale.

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The casting breakdown for Titans' newest character, obtained by That Hashtag Show, doesn't mention Conner or Superboy by name. Yet everything else about the new character suggests that he'll be Titans' version of Superman's de-aged clone. The breakdown for the character lists his name as "David" and is described as seen below:

He is a 20s-something Caucasian male with dark hair who would guest star in the 13th episode, which is the season 1 finale. “David” is described as a powerful individual who is merciless, so much so that he has recently unleashed chaos to the people who have been keeping “David” as a prisoner in a mysterious lab. When we find “David”, he will have recently have escaped this lab. Whoever we see in the role would have a series regular option for consecutive seasons of Titans.

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There are a few DC Comics characters who are named David. However, none of them fit that exact character description. The name is the only thing that doesn't confirm David is Conner Kent. Everything else fits Superboy almost exactly.

There have been multiple versions of Superboy throughout the years in DC Comics. Currently the position of Superboy is occupied by Clark Kent and Lois Lane's son, Jon Kent. Yet perhaps the most famous Superboy is Conner Kent. Conner's most prevalent origin is that he's the genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Conner, who has the DNA of a human and Kryptonian, was raised in a lab to become Superman's replacement and superior. Conner is almost always depicted as a hero. However, as has been depicted various times, when he is first encountered, Conner can be very violent and confused.

In fact, the breakdown and first encounter of David, as described, sound eerily familiar to Conner Kent's first appearance in Young Justice, the animated series whose third season will also launch on DC Universe. In Young Justice, Conner was an early antagonist, appearing in the series' pilot and every episode that followed. Yet Conner's time as a "villain" was very short-lived. Eventually Conner joined Young Justice and became one of the group's strongest allies. It sounds like Titans will follow a similar route, only with Superboy appearing during the season finale.

There is every chance that David is a totally original character and he might not be Conner Kent. He could merely be "inspired" by Conner or Superboy. Yet it's probably much safer to count on "David" being a codename. Superboy will (likely) be introduced in Titans' season 1 finale and joining the team in season 2.

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Source: THS

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