First TITANS TV Trailer Confirms Robin Hates Batman

The first official trailer for TITANS confirms DC's new TV show has no love for Batman - not with Dick Grayson finding his own mission.

If fans have questions about DC's Titans TV show, the first official trailer is sure to answer most of them. The most obvious being Dick Grayson's feelings about Batman, and his time under the caped crusader's wing.

The first series coming to the DC Universe online platform has been glimpsed in images and set photos, but the first look at Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Hawk and Dove is something else entirely. They may not share a network, but now the likes of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl can finally see their competition in action.

Including the most Bat-tastic F-Bomb we've enjoyed yet.

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DC Entertainment began building hype around the trailer's release late Wednesday night at San Diego Comic-Con, along with the first DC Universe pricing and subscription details. The live-action series will be exclusive to DC's own streaming service, which was promoted by DC executives for the unprecedented level of creative freedom afforded the makers of the series.

That's a point made clear by the first Titans trailer, and its two-word message for the Dark Knight.

There was already evidence that Titans would be a more adult take on the heroes, not too far afield from The CW's other DC programming. When the first images of Brenton Thwaites in the full Robin costume highlighted not just his dark, battle-hardened look, but the bruises and blood of his crimefighting, the needle moved even further into mature territory. Now that Dick is tossing his Robin insignia in anger, viciously beating criminals and uttering "F*ck Batman," it's clear DC is using that control over their properties to do as they please - those who want a squeaky-clean Grayson be damned.

The trailer certainly confirms a starring role for Dick Grayson, apparently splitting his time between police work and late night vigilantism (assuming he's still patrolling dark alleys at all). Whatever unresolved feelings he has about being defined as "Batman's sidekick," they take a back seat when a young woman - Raven - seeks him out, having had a vision of him in his Robin role, and in need of help.

How the other Titans factor in is likely going to be the thrust of the show's early story. So even though there are glimpses of Hawk and Dove drawing blood from thugs, there's no insight into the role of the villain Trigon apparently lurking in the shadows. Fans of DC Comics know the bond between Raven and Trigon is simple enough to be directly adapted, but where Beast Boy or Starfire factor in is anyone's guess.

All things considered, the trailer will likely be what's expected from a Greg Berlanti DC superhero production these days. Not that a lack of novelty is necessarily a deal-breaker for the show, or its positioning as a showpiece for DC Universe. After all, the trailer has now dropped even more hints that Titans will follow Robin's growth into Nightwing as his very own hero. And that's still a pitch that turns more heads than Green Arrow, meaning... anything is possible.

What did you think of this first Titans trailer? Does it treat the characters the way you hoped? Will you be watching for a Nightwing origin story or demonic police mystery?

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