Titans Keeps Retconning Season 1 - This Time It’s Starfire’s Turn

Anna Diop as Starfire Kory in Titans and Tegan Croft as Raven Rachel

Titans season 2 has altered a lot of story elements from season 1, with Starfire being the most recent example. In Titans' first season, Kory is a woman of mystery. Suffering from amnesia and possessing formidable powers of fiery destruction, Kory falls in with Dick and his growing band of strays in order to learn more about herself and she eventually gets the answers she seeks. Discovering her real name to be Koriand'r, the character is revealed to be an alien visitor from the planet Tamaran, who was sent to Earth to handle a danger that threatened the entire universe known as the Raven. This prophecy is revealed to speak of Rachel and, by extension, Trigon, who is defeated in the season 2 premiere.

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Since Titans returned for its sophomore run, however, the show has performed somewhat of a soft reset on many of its characters and storylines. Dick Grayson has gone from "f**k Batman" to "hug Batman" as the dynamic duo settled their differences, the Titans group itself is suddenly a thing, having never been mentioned throughout the entirety of season 1, and Gar is suddenly a proficient martial artist capable of sparring evenly with Jason Todd.

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The latest retcon in Titans season 2 sees Kory's reason for coming to Earth altered entirely. In "Rose," Starfire is abducted by an unknown man who refers to her as "your highness" and in the following installment, Kory is revealed to be the Queen-in-waiting of Tamaran, who ran away in order to avoid her royal responsibilities. Her captor, a royal guard and friend named Faddei, has been sent to bring Kory back to her home planet so that she may sit on the throne and reign as intended, and death awaits if he fails this mission.

Starfire in Titans

This latest reveal doesn't line up at all with Starfire's original reason for coming to Earth. Firstly, if the people of Tamaran sought to eradicate the Raven and prevent the end of the universe, why would they send the woman they desperately want to make their Queen? Even if the task was a trial to test her suitability for the throne, Faddei treats Kory with such deference and respect, it's hard to imagine him and his colleagues willingly standing by while their royal highness was on Earth fighting against an inter-dimensional demon. Furthermore, Kory played very little part in Trigon's defeat and Rachel is still alive, meaning that even if the mission was some kind of rite of passage, Kory failed.

Secondly, even if the Tamaraneans did decide to send their Queen alone into battle, why would they then go all-out in order to forcibly bring her back home? Kory's mission was to destroy the Raven, and although the parameters of that goal changed when she met Rachel, the threat is still very much present. Rachel even phones Kory and admits her powers are spiraling out of control - surely the Tamaranean would only need to relay this information to Faddei and Kory's leave on Earth would be granted an extension in order to see the mission through to the end.

The only way these two stories can acquiesce with each other is if the audience assumes that Kory came to Earth to complete a trial, securing the Raven in order to prove herself as Queen of Tamaran, but then instead of immediately returning home, stuck around because she wasn't keen on taking the position. This still doesn't quite explain the planet's heavy-handed attempts to bring her home - it's only been a few months since Trigon's defeat, after all, and Raven still can't even be deemed "secure" - and also doesn't account for Faddei's repeated claims that Kory ran away.

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In the real world, the remixing of Kory's backstory is part of a larger attempt to bring Titans season 2 closer to its DC comics counterpart. Although Starfire's comic origins involve warring planets and a violent rivalry with her sister, coming to Earth in order to escape problems with her royal relatives is a lot more faithful to the source material than coming to kill Raven and Trigon. Many would argue that the retcons Titans is making in season 2 do actually improve the series, but if they fail to make sense in the context of season 1, the alterations could do more harm than good.

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Titans season 2 continues with "Aqualad" September 27th on DC Universe.

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