• The latest episode of Titans was titled Conner but it was not Superboy who made the biggest impact. 1 / 11

  • That honor actually went to his trust canine companion, Krypto. 2 / 11

    Krypto on Titans Vertical
  • In his search for answers, Conner ended up visiting his psuedo-grandfather, Lionel Luthor. 3 / 11

  • There, the newly created hero was confronted by forces from Cadmus Labs. 4 / 11

  • It was here that Krypto snapped into action, at one point even catching an RPG... 5 / 11

  • ...which he immediately turned around and sent flying back at the soldier who fired it. 6 / 11

    Krypto in Titans vertical
  • His move was certainly a far-cry from what fans might have expected from the comics... 7 / 11

  • ...and the various animated adaptations the character has received over the years. 8 / 11

    Krypto in DC Super Pets Comics Vertical
  • Even John Wick characters would be impressed and probably wishing for a Canine upgrade. 9 / 11

  • It remains to be seen whether fans will get to enjoy further epic moments from Krypto in future Titans episodes. 10 / 11

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