What To Expect From DC's Titans Season 2

With Titans season 1 having come to a conclusion, fans are already asking questions about Titans season 2. While DC Universe's first live-action TV series has been a smashing success for the new streaming service, surprisingly little has been said about what comes next after the Titans season 1 finale. This has only served to fuel speculation among fans of the show.

Based upon the classic New Teen Titans comics of Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Titans promised a gritty, mature take on the characters best known in the public eye from Teen Titans Go. It was a promise that was kept in abundance, with the new series more than earning its M-rating due to its portrayal of graphic violence, adult themes, and brief nudity. The storyline of Titans season 1 saw retired vigilante Dick Grayson brought back into the world of costumed crime-fighting after his encounter with a teenager named Rachel Roth, aka Raven, who said she saw him in her dreams just before her mother was murdered. Their investigation into the girl's strange powers brought them into contact with other DC characters, such as Starfire, Beast Boy, and more.

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This led into an exciting Titans season 1 finale where Dick Grayson was confronted with a nightmarish vision of Batman and Gotham City. The former Robin found himself drafted to take down his mentor, after Batman went rogue and threatened to kill the Joker after the death of Police Commissioner James Gordon. Though this was ultimately proven to be the result of the manipulations of Raven's father, the demon Trigon, it still made for an exciting conclusion that has left fans anxious for Titans season 2.

Titans Has Already Been Renewed For Season 2

DC Universe Titans Starfire Beast Boy Robin Raven

Titans was officially renewed for season 2 in October, before the DC Universe streaming service went live and Titans season 1 began airing. This was taking as a strong vote of confidence in the new series, which had, at that time, seen a great deal of derision regarding its controversial first trailer from SDCC. There's no word yet on how many episodes will make up Titans season 2, but it stands to reason that it will remain at about the same length as season 1.

When Will Titans Season 2 Release On DC Universe?


It's unknown precisely when Titans season 2 will premiere. There has been no official word on when Titans season 2 will being production and DC Universe's broadcast schedule doesn't suggest any obvious openings anywhere in its 2019 schedule. However, rumors are going around that Titans season 2 could start filming as early as February 2019 for a late 2019 premiere, though those rumors have neither been confirmed nor substantiated yet.

When Will Titans Season 2 Release On Netflix?

Titans on Netflix

Outside of the US, Titans is a Netflix Original; due to DC Universe being a US-only service, the international rights were bought up by the streaming giant. The first season debuted on January 11, 2019, almost a month after Titans wrapped up on DC Universe. Assuming there's no changes to release pattern, we can expect something similar for Titans season 2: all the episodes will drop on Netflix at once a few weeks after the season finale. This means Titans season 2 will likely release on Netflix some time in 2020 (dependent on US return date).

Titans Season 2's Story

There has been no official word on what fans can expect from Titans season 2's story. The possibilities are nearly endless, though, with almost all of the core cast from the classic New Teen Titans comics having been brought into the ensemble, along with the Jason Todd version of Robin, as well as Hawk and Dove. There's a chance Titans season 2 could see Cyborg joining the team to complete the classic lineup. Considering Cyborg will appear in Doom Patrol season 1, it's certainly possible he could move over to Titans in season 2.

One possibility that has been discussed is that Titans might devote season 2 to a live-action adaptation of The Judas Contact. Easily the most famous and influential Teen Titans story of all time, the story saw the Titans almost brought down from within by a traitor to the team. This seems more likely to be a project for later seasons, however, as the team in Titans has just barely had a chance to form, much less form the relationships that made the ending of Judas Contract so powerful. With Jason Todd as part of the cast, there's also a possibility that Titans may adapt the story of how the second Robin became the Red Hood, or even adapt A Lonely Place Of Dying - the storyline where Jason Todd was killed by the Joker.

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