DC Universe's Titans Name Drops Superman In Season 2 Premiere Clip

Titans Season 2 Premiere

DC Universe tantalizingly name drops Superman in a new Titans season 2 premiere clip released ahead of the episode. Fans have been long awaiting the return of streaming service's flagship show, especially Titans season 1 left off with an abrupt cliffhanger. After appearing to kill his mentor Batman, Dick (Brenton Thwaites) was revealed to have been trapped in a hallucination created by Rachel's (Teagan Croft) father before giving himself over to the demon.

The conclusion to the Trigon arc will now take place in what was originally the season 1 finale but is now the Titans season 2 premiere, which is aptly titled "Trigon." But it wasn't the only question lingering after last year's finale, as the much talked about post-credits scene included a glimpse of Superboy and his dog Krypto. Titans has been diligently adding beloved DC Comics characters to the cast for season 2, so it's no surprise that he's set to appear more regularly. But much like Dick's first appearance led to questions about Bruce, so too does Connor Kent's lead to ones about Superman.

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Screen Rant has the exciting clip from DC Universe, which additionally showcases the extended Titans family all in one place. You can check it out below:

The sneak preview is not the first time Superman's existence was confirmed in-universe, but the repeated hints do suggest that viewers may soon meet the man himself. In the process of recapping the events that have led to the current scene, Hank (Alan Ritchson) points out that the mission to save Dick, Rachel, Gar (Ryan Potter) and the entire planet from Trigon's clutches appears so impossible that it would be better to call Superman. Perhaps an upcoming crisis might be big enough to set aside whatever feud led to Clark and Bruce falling out in the series' past, or perhaps Superboy's appearance will do the trick.

While the latest clip does not give much insight into the plan to stop Trigon, it does provide a sense of the tone for the new season. The show chose a dark and gritty vibe for much of its freshman year, which it seems to be sticking to for now. Then again, the resolution of a season-long arc may be just what the show needs to lighten up. Once "Trigon" is done dealing with Rachel's family,  the episode will also most likely introduce the season's new villain. With the addition of the wise-cracking Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and the possibility of Superman, Titans has the potential to become a lot less gloomy.

There are plenty of other characters to introduce over the course of Titans' second season, not least of all Connor Kent himself, before the show gets around to Superman. But the Man of Steel is starting to cast as long of a shadow as the Dark Knight did before him, so it's no wonder fans are hoping he'll materialize in the flesh by the end of the season. If the latest Titans clip is anything to go by, the DC Comics world will continue to expand onscreen at a rapid-fire rate.

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Titans season 2 premieres Friday September 6 on DC Universe.

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