DC's Titans Lets Fans Vote If Jason Todd Lives Or Dies (Just Like The Comics)

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DC Universe's Titans TV series has launched a poll on whether Jason Todd should live or die - just like in the comics. Curran Walters' Jason Todd has become one of the most popular characters on DC Universe's Titans TV series, in part, that's because he's frankly a better Robin than Dick Grayson.

The last few episodes haven't been kind to Jason Todd, though. He was captured by Deathstroke in Titans season 2, episode 3, and was subsequently held hostage. Deathstroke threatened to kill the Boy Wonder if the Titans didn't hand over his daughter Rose, but the Titans prepared a double-cross instead. Titans season 2, episode 5 ended with their plans going disastrously wrong, when Jason was sent plummeting to his death.

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In an amusing twist, the DC Universe site has set up what seems to be a fake fan poll on whether or not Jason should live or die. The poll invites viewers to let their voice be heard, and notes that this isn't the first time Jason Todd's fate has been left to the whims of others. The comic book version of Jason Todd was killed in 1988, the result of a controversial fan poll.

Batman Killed Robin Jason Todd Death

Back in 1988, Jason Todd's Robin just didn't fit with the direction DC Comics was hoping to take. Editor Denny O'Neil wanted Batman comics to become darker and more mature, and the gaudily-clad Robin didn't work. The comic book publisher took the unusual decision to let readers vote on whether Robin should live or die. They set up two 1-900 phone numbers, which people could call to cast their vote. Then-Batman writer Jim Starlin (best known as the creator of Thanos) prepared two versions of Batman #428's final page, one in which Robin died, and the other in which he was left in a coma. The result was hardly decisive, with 5,343 people casting votes for Jason to die, compared to 5,271 who wanted him to live - a majority of just 50.34 percent, or 72 individual calls. There are reports one disgruntled fan had programmed their computer to dial the "death" number every 90 seconds for eight hours, meaning the close result was probably rigged.

This Titans poll, however, isn't quite so important. In fact, it's safe to assume that the results aren't real at all. At the time of writing, the poll records 8,201 votes in favor of Jason's death, and 8,328 against. The DC Universe site makes no claim that voting in this poll will matter, which is just as well, because it's just a fun marketing gag. Deathstroke may have killed Dr. Light already, but whether he succeeds or fails with Jason Todd isn't going to be decided by the viewers.

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Titans season 2 continues with "Superboy" Friday, October 11 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

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