Titans Image Reveals Official Look At Comics Accurate Ravager Costume

A new official DC Universe's Titans season 2 image reveals Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang) in a comic accurate Ravager costume in an upcoming episode.

A new photo from Titans season 2, episode 12 reveals an official look at Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang) in a comic accurate Ravager costume. Rose is one of several newcomers to the second season of Titans and has been a critical part of the story. With the team at odds with Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke (Esai Morales), she was initially viewed by the Titans almost as a bargaining chip to use with her father.

Since that time, she developed a bit of a relationship with Jason Todd (Curran Walters), which led to the most recent episode confirming a major fan theory. Rose isn't just Deathstroke's daughter, but she was secretly working with him to take down the Titans. This secret partnership has come to an end though. With only two episodes to go this season, Rose is now in line to make a heroic turn before it's done. Previous set photos showed her wearing her Ravager suit from the comics, and a new image confirms it'll happen next week.

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DC Universe has released an official image from Titans season 2, episode 12 that shows Rose in the Ravager costume. The design incorporates her blue, orange, and white color scheme to perfectly match how she's looked in the comics for years. In this Titans image, Rose appears to be in the middle of a fight with an unknown opponent based on her stance and angry yell. See the image below:

While we don't know much about the context of this photo, it was used as the featured image for episode 12 on Titans has so far done a good job of choosing featured images that represent who episodes are based around, so this could be an indication that next week will be a Rose/Ravager heavy one. Viewers will hopefully be able to see where she gets the suit from and will certainly come to understand who she is fighting in this scene.

Rose suiting up as Ravager will not be the only major transformation that happens over the final two episodes of Titans. The last few episodes have been building up Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) becoming Nightwing and finally moving past his days as Robin. We know that he'll wear his new suit alongside Ravager in at least one major sequence that also includes Superboy, Hawk, Dove, and Starfire. This is likely a reunion of the Titans that will happen in the season finale, which means that next week won't be the only time Rose wears the Ravager costume. Plus, if she is part of the lineup in the recently announced third season, then Titans could feature much more of Ravager in the future as well.

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Source: DC Universe

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