DC's Titans TV Show Casts Doom Patrol's Robotman

Another member of the Doom Patrol has arrived, as DC's upcoming Titans TV series has cast Jake Michaels as Robotman. While excitement was already high for a live-action TV show, based upon the Teen Titans comics, a lot of recent press has surrounded another superhero team coming to TV. Geoff Johns confirmed Doom Patrol will join Titans recently, with the team lending their name to the fifth episode of the debut season. From there on, it's possible the misfits heroes could return, but if nothing else, their first appearance looks to feature a number of classic characters.

It was recently revealed that Soldado actor Bruno Bichir will play The Chief on Titans, the genius doctor who leads the Doom Patrol. Though his means are unorthodox, he's helped each of the team's members come to grips with their unusual abilities, and his group should provide an interesting contrast to the Titans. With such an esteemed actor in the role, it's likely Bichir will return as The Chief after his debut, meaning it's also possible to see more of his creation Robotman.

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ComicBook reports that Jake Michaels will play Cliff Steel in episode 5 of DC's Titans. Of course, Steel is better known as the mechanical Robotman. In the comics, Steel's body is destroyed in a car accident but The Chief salvages his mind in the robotic body. Likely, this is the version of the character that will be shown when Michaels comes to Titans.

Michaels has done a lot of TV work but mostly single-episode roles, and Titans may be yet another mark in that category. But the report also says it's possible for him to recur as Robotman. The same was said about other recent Doom Patrol casting news, as April Bowlby will play Elasti-Girl on Titans. Like Michaels and Bichir, Bowlby will arrive in episode 5, presumably with her size-changing and stretching abilities already acquired.

Outside of Doom Patrol members, there's been plenty of casting news and rumors surrounding DC's upcoming live-action series. The show will launch the comic publisher's new streaming service and seems ready to make a big splash. We recently learned Ra's al Ghul may come to Titans, marking the character's fourth live-action appearance and third on TV over the past few years. The villain's ties to the Teen Titans, however, means he's a reasonable addition. What's more, but his arrival could also mean al Ghul's grandson Damian Wayne will eventually show up—and take the mantle of Robin if Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing.

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Titans is expected to air later this year on DC's streaming service.

Source: ComicBook

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