DC's Titans TV Show Set Photo Reveals Beast Boy & Raven

A new set photo offers fans a sneak peek at what Beast Boy and Raven might look like on the upcoming DC's Titans TV show that airs this year.

Beast Boy

A new leaked photo from the set of DC's Titans TV show offers viewers what is possibly a first look at the series' Beast Boy and Raven.

In the candid image, a green-haired Ryan Potter, who portrays Beast Boy, and a purple-haired Teagan Croft, who portrays Raven, are seen walking around the set between takes of the upcoming television show. The series comes from Geoff Johns, who isn't just a writer, but also the President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. The show joins the Young Justice animated series on DC's upcoming digital platform. DC hopes that the two new series will get viewers to sign up for its original content. The live-action Titans series was originally announced several years ago, with the idea of including Nightwing as one of the characters, but with Nightwing getting his own live-action movie, the premise of the series has changed since then.

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The new image comes courtesy of Geek Vibes Nation. Although photos from the production are few and far between, previous photos have shown the Maroni crime family, several location shots and Hawk and Dove. A call sheet also recently teased the appearance of Bruce Wayne in the series in flashbacks where viewers will learn how Dick Grayson, aka Robin, came to join the Titans. Episode titles even hint that Jason Todd might show up in the series at some point. Other characters confirmed for the series are Robin and Starfire, as well as the Doom Patrol. It is also likely that R’as al Ghul will turn up, as he has always served as an enemy of the Titans throughout the comic books: a recent casting call apparently confirms this.

DC's digital streaming service will launch sometime in 2018 with the first season of Titans, which will feature 13 episodes. There is no exact date for its release yet, but with production well under way for the series, expect an announcement from DC soon.

Now the only question left is this: will DC Comics fans want to subscribe to yet another streaming service to get original DC shows based on their favorite comics? With so many other companies jumping on the streaming service bandwagon, including Disney, which will offer exclusive Marvel content, will viewers finally decide that enough is enough and only decide to stick with the basics, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu? Or will they decide that this original content is enough to pay more monthly fees for such services? Only time will tell.

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Source: Geek Vibes Nation

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