DC Universe Theory: Cyborg’s Dad Erased His Memories of Titans’ Beast Boy

Doom Patrol has confirmed that Cyborg's dad has altered his memories. Could he have erased his son's memories of his best bud, Beast Boy from Titans?

DC Universe Doom Patrol Titans Beast Boy Erased From Cyborg Memory

Could the DC Universe version of Cyborg have had his memories altered to make him forget about his best friend, TitansBeast Boy? It's a possibility worth considering, given recent revelations in Doom Patrol regarding how Cyborg's father, Dr. Silas Stone, electronically manipulated his son's memories and limited who could contact him.

When it was announced that DC Universe's first original program would be a live-action Titans series, fans of the original comics were thrilled. That excitement gave way to confusion, however, when it was revealed that Cyborg would not be part of the Titans, but would appear later as part of the Doom Patrol - a team he had never been a member of in the comics. What made this doubly strange was the fact that Beast Boy was originally part of the Doom Patrol in the comics, but was scheduled to be part of the core cast of Titans, with his time in the Doom Patrol limited to one episode of Titans, which acted as a backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol.

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The question of why these two characters, who had been best friends forever in the comics, would be randomly separated and switched around confused many. However, an explanation may lie in the idea that the two young heroes became friends during one of Dr. Niles Caulder's infrequent visits to STAR Labs and that Dr. Stone erased or altered his son's memory of the visits for fear that Caulder's "Beast Boy" might prove to be a bad influence on his son. The latest episodes of Doom Patrol confirmed that Cyborg's father had installed parental controls into his son's operating systems that allowed him to micromanage every aspect of his son's life. This, combined with other clues, suggests that Victor Stone might have befriended Gar Logan, before Beast Boy left Doom Manor in Titans.

The Beast Boy/Cyborg Friendship

Teen Tians Go Beast Boy Cyborg Waffles

When writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez revamped the classic Teen Titans comic into New Teen Titans in 1980, they rebuilt the team with a combination of established teenage sidekicks (Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl) and their own creations (Starfire, Raven, Cyborg).  Gar Logan was something of the odd man out, having fallen into obscurity since the end of the Doom Patrol comic book over a decade earlier. He quickly became the team's comic-relief, not taking the idea of joining another team or becoming a superhero again after having started a career as an actor seriously. This led to an unlikely friendship with Cyborg, who was similarly skeptical about the new Teen Titans but more worried about his own ability to use his cybernetic enhancements to help others.

The two young men wound up bonding over their mutually acerbic senses of humor and the difficulties they had in going out unnoticed in public. They also shared a common bond in having lost their loved ones and feeling abandoned by their parents. Thus was forged a friendship that became the basis of a legendary bromance in both the comics and the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! cartoons.

No Beast Boy/Cyborg Bromance in Titans or Doom Patrol

Cyborg and Beast Boy Titans Doom Patrol DC Universe

Given how close the bond is between Vic and Gar in other Titans media, it stunned fans when it was revealed that neither Titans nor Doom Patrol planned to build up the classic friendship between the two heroes, despite the two series sharing a universe. The reason for this soon became apparent after the second episode of Doom Patrol, which revealed that Cyborg's life as a superhero had been largely confined to Detroit, with his father monitoring everything he did from STAR Labs.

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Gar Logan was similarly sequestered, having been rescued from a disease outbreak zone by Dr. Niles Caulder and going on to spend two years living in Dr. Caulder's home in Cloverton, Ohio. There was seemingly no chance for the two young men to meet in this reality... or was there?

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