DC's Greatest Hero Isn't Superman, It's Green Lantern

Alan Scott the Original Green Lantern

Warning: SPOILERS for Doomsday Clock #9

Superman may be the first superhero, but he isn't the most important. DC has revealed the one hero that their entire universe is built on… and it isn't who most comic fans will expect.

There will be many who disagree, since the “most important DC superhero” is obviously a subjective title. But DC Comics has given as official an honor as they can, revealing the one costumed hero that was the key to everything that came after. Now that Doctor Manhattan's changes to reality have been explained, the one hero he prevented from existing may be what brings the entire New 52 Universe crumbling down, erasing the future that it should have had.

But before DC Comic fans get too angry, it's easy to see how Manhattan made his mistake. After all… we wouldn't have thought that Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern was the key to the universe, either.

Alan Scott, The Original Green Lantern

Green Lantern Alan Scott Ring Oath

While tragic, there's a good chance that many Alan Scott fans will be pleased to see him get the recognition he deserves. Especially after DC's Silver Age re-imagined the Green Lanterns as space cops, putting Alan Scott permanently on the back burner. But his magic ring was just as impressive when it appeared in 1940, even if it isn't actually Lantern's powers that make him important to the future of the DC Universe, but his life story. Even if some fans have never actually seen Alan's secret origin, grabbing onto a shiny green train lantern just as a bridge collapse threatened to take him down long with it.

The lantern's magic saved Scott, and granted him its powers. Now, it seems that the most important part of that origin story isn't why Alan was chosen, or even where the energy came important... but the hero he became in the years and decades ahead. So important a hero, it turns out, that killing Alan Scott is the only change that Doctor Manhattan seems to have made to bring everything else tumbling down.

Killing Green Lantern Made The New 52

Green Lantern's Death in Doomsday Clock Comic

After the initial bombshell reveal of Doctor Manhattan's role in the New 52 reboot, it was promised that the Doomsday Clock series from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank would provide some answers. And even if the “why” has yet to make sense, the question of “how” Manhattan remade reality has been confirmed. Through his internal dialogue spread across all of time and space, Manhattan explains that the first domino to fall… was pushing the aforementioned Lantern an inch or two beyond Alan Scott's reach.

The lantern remained dormant, Alan died in the train accident, and the world never knew anything had changed. At least up until now, when Manhattan realizes the entire world is about to die.

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