An important part of balancing out most superheroes – of humanizing them and making them relatable – is for them to have a weakness. It’s no fun if the heroes can win without a struggle, so they need to have an equalizer that can be used against them by their rivals. And some heroes have really logical vulnerabilities, like Superman being susceptible to magic— with everything else he’s impervious to, Superman needs something like the supernatural to actually give him a challenge.

Other heroes have vulnerabilities that are a bit less respectable, though, to say the least. Not being invincible is great for keeping a character balanced, but sometimes the weaknesses can cause a double take. When a character is getting defeated by things like sticks, water, or junk in your pockets, it certainly makes them less intimidating.

Whether the hero’s vulnerability is just really mundane, or if it is just plain bizarre, these are 15 DC Superheroes With Insanely Stupid Weaknesses.


Captain Marvel Jr. Cant Even Say His Name 15 DC Superheroes With Insanely Stupid Weaknesses

Everyone knows that when it comes to Shazam he says his own name to transform into his super-powered persona. But in recent years it’s been clarified that Shazam will only transform if he actually intends to do so while saying his name, so there are no accidental transformations for him. That’s definitely reassuring; he won’t lose power mid-fight through a silly mistake like introducing himself. Unfortunately Captain Marvel Jr. did not get off as lucky in that regard.

Captain Marvel Jr. has to rely on some strategic nicknames when introducing himself, otherwise he could accidentally transform into the wrong form at the wrong time. Not only would it be disastrous to lose his superpowers in the middle of a battle, but it would likewise be really bad if he blew his cover when he was walking around as a normal person. Avoiding your own name really can’t be easy to remember to do.


Flash eating 15 DC Superheroes With Insanely Stupid Weaknesses

We all know the Flash is a fast runner, and this can enable him to do incredible things, like power up an incredibly strong punch, or even go back in time. But depending on the story, the Flash can be fast in other ways that he might not like as much. In his everyday life, he moves externally at a normal pace if he wants to, but internally he can still be hyper-accelerated. This can even pertain to his metabolism.

Not having to worry about getting fat sounds cool at first, but not when it gets to the point that it could actually result in him starving to death.

With a hyper fast metabolism the body is going to be burning through fuel a lot quicker than normal. That means speedsters also need to eat more often to keep up their energy. Beyond just jacking up their grocery bills, this problem also means they probably don’t want to wander too far from the fridge unless they’ve eaten a big meal beforehand. We all skip breakfast now and then, but for someone like the Flash, skipping a meal could literally leave him starving.