Zack Snyder On George Miller Directing a DC Movie and Marvel Comparisons

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George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road - the fourth installment in his action-packed franchise - was an enormous success for the director. Not only did Fury Road receive plenty of praise for the handling of its characters, cinematography, and impressive stunts, but it has also been declared as the best film of 2015.

Given the huge success of Fury Road, many fans are very curious to see what Miller's next project will be. He has a script for a Fury Road sequel, but it has yet to be confirmed what he'll direct next. Rumors circulated about Miller possibly directing Man of Steel 2 - a report that got many fans excited - but then another rumor claimed Superman's sequel may be on "permanent hold". It's always important to take rumors with a grain of salt, but now Zack Snyder - the director of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a key player in the formation of DC's new cinematic universe - has shared his thoughts on Miller taking part in upcoming DC movies.

During a discussion with, Snyder claimed he hasn't spoken with Miller about any upcoming opportunities, but he added that the phone is "so open" to talking with him about helming a DC movie. He didn't specify which future movie he'd like to see Miller direct, and instead stated that he'd be all for seeing Miller tackle any DC project:

"George doing one of the DC movies? Oh my God, absolutely. George can do anything he wants, in my opinion. We haven’t talked about it, and to be frank I just didn't know what he was thinking of doing next. But yeah, if I was to think he had any interest in them of course I’m happy to talk to him."

Meanwhile, Snyder expressed nothing but love for Fury Road, and even pointed out that he has spoken with Miller a couple of times in the past:

"My review is that it’s a just f***ing great movie. I don’t know if you can write it exactly like that but you get the gist. I know George, I’ve had dinner with him a couple of times, and just to see the movie — it’s so perfectly fetishised in the way that I love, and it’s so specific, and it’s just perfect, I really love it."

George Miller Mad Max Fury Road DC Movies Man of Steel 2
Charlize Theron and George Miller working on a scene for Mad Max: Fury Road

Miller was previously set to direct an abandoned Justice League movie , so it's likely he still has interest in DC's characters and the surreal world they live in. (Unless the experience left a bad taste in his mouth, that is.) Considering Miller's talent for action sequences, worldbuilding, and organic character development, Miller deciding to direct a comic book movie would be big and promising news for both Warner Bros./DC and the fans. Snyder being enthusiastic about the idea doesn't confirm Miller's involvement in any way, but it at least shows the possibility of a Miller DC movie in the coming years certainly does exist.

During another one of Snyder's recent interviews, he called Ant-Man a "flavor of the week."It seems his point was that unlike several other comic book characters who have appeared on the big screen or are set to debut soon, Batman and Superman have remained prominent characters in popular culture for decades - and will continue to do so. The quote has been viewed as a hostile remark by some; however, Snyder praised Marvel Studios' projects while talking to

"I haven’t seen Ant-Man. I just haven’t had time. I’ve been so stacked, I’ve been in post, but I do want to, I have an interest in seeing it. But to me it’s like, there’s undeniable and amazing talent and entertainment in the movies they make, and Joss [Whedon] is really good. The question is whether or not - or how - the superhero genre evolves, or does it stay the same? Steven Spielberg made that comment about [superhero movies] going the way of the westerns, and my reaction is: then you’ve got to make a better movie. That’s the reality. I know that doesn’t really answer the question, but the feeling is that we can’t stay the same, that’s one thing for sure."

Ant-Man train scene

The interviewer pointed out that Marvel is often criticized for many of its projects following a certain formula. Snyder assured that WB/DC isn't aiming to generate a batch of similar films, and he believes that will benefit WB/DC:

"We don’t know what the movie is going to be. I think that’s the best thing. We’re making a movie where we don’t have a formula, we don’t have a peg, we’re just trying to make the best movie we can."

At the time of writing this, it does seem like Snyder's telling the truth about future DC projects having different tones - or at least that's sincerely how he wants the studio to approach building the universe. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice obviously draws parallels to Man of Steel - based on the limited footage we've seen; but it's being handled by the same director, so no surprise there.

The Justice League in the comics

Seeing as The Flash is being co-written by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord - writers known for their comedy - it seems safe to assume that the Scarlet Speedster's 2018 movie will most likely feel quite different from Snyder's Man of Steel and BvS. The same could hold true for the other projects that are being created by different writers and (presumably different) directors. We'll just have to wait and see whether or not these upcoming films can avoid feeling formulaic, too. If Miller does get the opportunity to direct one of them, it will most definitely have the potential to make a quite an impact.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th, 2016; Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016; Wonder Woman on June 23rd, 2017; Justice League on November 17th, 2017; The Flash on March 23rd, 2018; Aquaman on July 27th, 2018; Shazam on April 5th, 2019; Justice League 2 on June 14th, 2019; Cyborg on April 3rd, 2020; Green Lantern Corps on June 19th, 2020. Untitled Batman and Superman solo films will be coming at dates TBD.


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