DC Super Hero Girls Animated Movie Gets a Trailer

The DC Comics universe of characters is rich with great characters to focus on, but all too often the spotlight rests on the primarily male superhero properties. The DC Super Hero Girls initiative was created to help bring more diversity and options to the fan-base.

Warner Brothers Animation announced this past week that the DC Super Hero Girls would enjoy a direct-to-DVD feature for the first time this coming August. Now a trailer has emerged online (see above), revealing some of the characters that will be appearing, along with some plot points for the animated movie.

The above trailer for the upcoming DC Super Hero Girls animated feature, Hero of the Year, shows off many of the characters that will be appearing in the film aside from the main cast, such as Catwoman, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Green Lantern, Miss Martian and Big Barda. One perk to the DVD that fans will notice right away is the quality of animation. Previously, the only way to enjoy DC Super Hero Girls was through a one-off special on the Boomerang network and the series of web episodes on their website and Youtube, but that animation lacked the quality shown in the trailer.

DC Super Hero Girls was created as a licensing initiative, primarily in partnership with Target stores, which includes everything from clothing to books and roleplay items. The lines of action figures and dolls that launched in late 2015 began selling out around the country almost instantly and remain difficult to find for many fans and collectors. The primary characters were brought to life in plastic, like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee and Supergirl. It was also announced recently that Mattel would be featuring a DC Super Hero Girls Katana doll as one of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives this year. Harley and Katanna will be seen joining forces on the big screen this summer as well, in the live-action Suicide Squad movie.

DC Super Hero Girls DVD Trailer

There are fans that will ask themselves, why do we need DC Super Hero Girls? Comic books and the related toys have been geared primarily towards boys for several decades. The idea of gender roles has changed significantly, even over the past decade, and now you will see just as many girls feeling free to express their enjoyment of superheroes as you do boys. This change has brought the need to create a broader range of focus in merchandising and marketing direction. Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment and President and Chief Content Office of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, said it best with her statement from the DC Super Hero Girls press release issued last fall:

“DC Entertainment has a deep and rich roster of strong female characters – both heroes and villains – that have inspired and empowered girls and young women for decades. From the iconic Wonder Woman and Supergirl, to the complex but compelling Harley Quinn and Catwoman, there is a character to whom every girl can relate, no matter what stage of life in which she currently finds herself.  Girls want to experience the strength, action and optimism of Super Heroes too, and DC Super Hero Girls is part of our long-term strategy to offer a diverse array of strong female characters in a fun and action-packed universe, and through a world of epic storytelling on a variety of entertainment platforms. We could not be more excited and proud to debut today’s first phase of the important new universe for girls.”

A large part of the appeal of this toy and cartoon line is that, much like recent animated films such as Pixar's Brave and Disney's Frozen, it focuses on the characters and their development and growth in the world and in the fact of adversity, as opposed to simply putting all of the female characters into romantic situations, worrying about boys and crushes. No, these DC Super Hero Girls aren't worried about boys, they're worried about kicking butt, just like their male counterparts.

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year will be available in Digital HD on August 9th, 2016 and on DVD two weeks later on August 23rd.

Source: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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