DC Streaming Service Title Confirmed; Titans & More Logos Revealed

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DC's streaming service DC Universe unveils new logos for TitansHarley Quinn, and Young Justice: Outsiders. Just over a year ago, Warner Bros. revealed plans to launch a DC exclusive streaming service. Originally announced as a platform that would see the return of Young Justice and the home to their new live-action Titans series, it will end up being much more than that. The possibilities of this digital service could range from the entire library of DC movies all in one place to even a catalogue of digital DC comics.

The selling point so far has been on the original TV shows the service will provide. The third season of Young Justice has been requested for years, and is finally on the way, but it isn't even the only animated series DC Universe will include. An animated Harley Quinn series was previously announced, along with plans for a show focused on Superman's city titled Metropolis.

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DC now has released official logos for all three of the shows as they announced the service will be titled DC Universe. More details on the service are still to come, but the launch of the name comes with a call to receive updates via email and even the launch of separate social media pages for the service. Take a look at the show logos below.

All indications point to the service being launched later this year, and when it does, it looks like all three of these shows will be available immediately. The first season of Titans is still filming and recording is well-underway on Young Justice. Both of those shows were indicated early on as being available from day one of this service. The launch date for Harley Quinn isn't as concrete, but revealing its logo among the other two shows could indicate it'll be ready too.

There's currently no word on how much DC Universe will cost. DC is lucky enough to have a dedicated fan base who are going to subscribe to the service regardless, but the cost will be one of the determining factors as to just how many people sign up. What other content subscribers get is a major factor as well. It's important to note that this isn't just a streaming service for shows and movies since DC has described it as "a first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience." The possibility of combining exclusive content with a library of digital DC comics and more can really help consumers feel like they're getting a ton of value out of a subscription that will likely cost $9.99 at the most. Hopefully the rest of these details will be provided soon as the service prepares for a launch.

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DC Universe is currently expected to launch sometime in 2018.

Source: DC

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