DC's Shazam Costume Has 'Similarities' to Justice League: War

Zachary Levi will wear a Justice League: War inspired super suit in Shazam! Warner Bros. is looking to change things up with the DC movie universe after Justice League, and while Aquaman is technically next up, it will be Shazam that is the best showcase for what they have in store. It will be the first film new DC Films president Walter Hamada is shepherding completely, and while we don't know exactly what his outlook is, Shazam's director says it will be a light-hearted adventure.

One of the biggest talking points surrounding Shazam's time in pre-production was the long awaited announcement of who would star. Levi eventually landed the part and has bulked up to be the boy-turned-hero. That was months ago and now that filming is underway, many are anxiously waiting to see what he'll actually look like in the suit.

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There's still no timetable for when the suit could be revealed, but director David F. Sandberg did reveal a new detail on Reddit. In response to a fan predicting when the unveiling would happen, he shared the suit's inspiration. According to the director, the live-action suit shares some similarities with the one worn in the animated film Justice League: War. Here's what he said:

The reveal is not linked to that, no. Here's something though: The suit has some similarities to his look in Justice League: War. Once pics have been released I can tell you more about where the inspirations came from and why certain choices were made.

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First off, it is nice to once again have a director of a major studio film who communicates as openly with fans as Sandberg does. He could've easily let this prediction gain steam, but instead he stopped it early on before fans could be disappointed it didn't happen, while still giving a nugget of information. In Justice League: War, Shazam's costume is not portrayed as being too protective in terms of armor. The biggest takeaway could be what Shazam's insignia will look like.

Even though there are many that can tell Shazam's logo apart from that of The Flash, the lightning bolt designs may be too similar for the general public. The costume in Justice League: War features an upside down triangle above the chest that holds a wide lightning bolt inside. This may be their way of distinguishing it from Ezra Miller's Flash, especially if his movie is coming quickly.

Now that Sandberg has revealed the inspiration behind Shazam's live-action costume, it hopefully won't be too much longer before the reveal happens. He's seemingly ruled out a February reveal, but that doesn't mean much now that the month is almost over. Even if the reveal is still months away, at least now the continued release of fan art knows which comic look to take its inspiration from as well.

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Source: Reddit

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