First Look at DC's Rebirth Designs For Green Arrow, Supergirl & Superboy

DC Comics Rebirth New Character Designs

If you've read comic books for any amount of time then you'll be very familiar with the concept of a reboot. The major comic book companies, both Marvel and DC Comics, have been regularly rebooting their entire universes to keep the stories fresh over the past few decades.

The latest relaunch from DC Comics is going to be Rebirth, which will be shifting and restoring a lot of the characters to a more familiar version, much like what we saw prior to the Flashpoint story arc. The new designs for the various characters, such as Batman, Robin, Superman and Wonder Woman, have been showing up online. The latest batch includes long-time DC Comics staples Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superboy.

The latest radical initiative by DC Comics, Rebirth is about to turn the DC Universe upside down less than five years after DC Comics last rebooted their universe. The event will not only alter tons of character designs and background stories, but also the switch of many titles to a bi-weekly release schedule. Thanks to an exclusive from Comic Book Resources, fans can now get a sneak peek at the designs for Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superboy, which you can check out below.

DC Comics Rebirth Green Arrow Redesign

The new look for Green Arrow was designed by Otto Schmidt. It's not surprising that the updated look draws a few parallels to the body structure and tone that Stephen Amell is sporting on the CW television version of Arrow. The return of Oliver Queen's signature Van Dyke facial hair is perhaps the most notable change. This new take on Green Arrow will find him teaming back up with the Black Canary on a full-time basis and struggling with his place in society as both a wealthy man and a crusader for the people.

DC Comics Rebirth Superboy Redesign

This re-design of Superboy, which may be by far the most drastic we've seen yet, was done by Jorge Jimenez. We don't know much story about the new take on Superboy, but its clear from the image that not only is he actually a boy, possibly in the range of 12 to 14 years old, but he's also a more laid back superhero that acts his age. His costume consists of  ripped-up jeans and a zip-up coat/cape combination. This isn't the first look at the Superboy outfit that fans have seen, however. Last week an image of what has been apparently dubbed the "Super Sons" was revealed that featured the new Robin and Superboy designs rendered by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. This is our first look at the original draft of the design from Jimenez.

DC Comics Rebirth Supergirl Redesign

Supergirl is shedding her New 52 look in lieu of the more traditional design with the skirt, very reminiscent of what we're seeing on the CBS Supergirl television series currently. The Brian Ching design also brings us a Supergirl that is clearly younger and perhaps even a little less jaded than previous versions. There is also little known about her back story at this time.

DC Comics: Rebirth will launch with an 80-page one-shot comic book on May 25, 2016.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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