DC Rebirth Titles Now Available For Free with Library Card

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It's a great time to be a DC fan. Not only is the DCEU slowly coming to life on the big screen, with Wonder Woman and Justice League both hitting theaters later this year, but DC Comics is going through something of a revival. More precisely, it's a Rebirth, with the comic company's latest universe-spanning reboot clearing house and resetting a number of heroes to their previous status quo. The move has also brought a few characters and teams more in line with their live action counterparts, namely Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad and a number of characters from CW's hit Arrowverse shows.

It’s been equal parts weird, wild, and wonderful, with Superman having an especially strong showing in the updated universe. All in all, it’s been great for fans of DC Comics who weren't quite satisfied with all the things that have transpired since the New 52 reset things back in 2011. If you haven’t yet read any of the new titles from DC, and are worried about shelling out for a bevy of new comics, there’s now a great alternative that will let you read all the best Rebirth titles for absolutely free.

Thanks to PR Newswire, we've learned that DC is partnering with public libraries across the country, and hoopla digital, an app that helps patrons connect with digital content using only their devices and a library card. Though a number of DC comics already exist through the app, starting today collected editions of Rebirth titles will also be added.

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The adventures of the Justice League, Green Arrow, and Harley Quinn will be among the many stories that fans can now access for free. DC will be collecting a number of their titles for release in stores, and those same editions will appear the same day on the Hoopla digital app. While DC has yet to release their own version of Marvel's popular Unlimited app, this is certainly a good way to get more people reading Rebirth titles. Instead of paying a subscription fee, DC fans can now read a number of current volumes simply by applying for a library card.

One downside is that unlike Marvel Unlimited, there will probably be a smaller selection of older comics, even ones from the New 52. The hoopla app is also only partnered with certain public libraries, most of which are in bigger cities like Boston and Los Angeles. Still, the roster of both comics and libraries is likely to grow over time, and this is still an exciting development for DC fans. It's also a great way for public libraries to drum up more interest and continue to promote reading of any kind among kids and the community at large.

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Source: PR Newswire

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