20 Things Wrong With DC Movies That We All Choose To Ignore

With recent news of Michael Bendis's big move to DC Comics and the the release of Justice League-- DCEU's answer to The Avengers-- it is exciting times for DC and comic book fans everywhere.

By creating Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman, the DCEU has done its part to build up its cinematic shared universe. Naturally, the bigger a universe grows with each movie, the more plot holes and issues are left in its wake. We as viewers sometimes choose to ignore them, opting to simply enjoy the fantasy happening in front of us and not thinking to deeply about mistakes or unanswered questions.

However, it's time to take a look at the particular moments in the DCEU that were less than perfect-- be it because of plot holes, mistakes, or odd choices that seem out of place.

With that said, here are the 20 Things Wrong With DC Movies That We All Choose To Ignore.

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Clark and Lois Lane Batman v Superman
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20 My Lois-Senses Are Tingling

Clark and Lois Lane Batman v Superman

The destruction in Man of Steel is of such a devastating level that it feels like a disaster-film in the guise of a superhero flick. Cleary the Superman in the DCEU isn't that great at saving people. He gets a gold star for his ability to save Lois Lane, however.

Perhaps Lois has a unique heartbeat that he's always in tune with or there is a secret telekinetic link between the two, since he seems to always know when she's in danger. He shows up just in time to Nairomi to save her from terrorists in the middle of a desert. He's a little too late to save Jimmy Olsen, but that's what he gets for not being Superman's pal in this version.

The sense only grows stronger when Lex Luthor throws Lois off the building and Superman, last seen on a snowy vision quest to talk with his dead father, arrives to catch Lois. He can't find his own kidnapped mother but hey, at least he can save one person.

19 Give Peace A Chance

Erich Ludendorff Wonder Woman

While Wonder Woman is by far the most critically acclaimed DCEU film, it does have its flaws. The third act of the film is where they show the biggest mistake.

Diana is set on defeating General Erich Ludendorff, convinced that he is Ares in disguise and that killing him will bring about peace in the warring men's hearts. In an intense battle, Diana soundly defeats the general and is disappointed that nothing changed-- killing Ares did not make men peaceful.

However, we later learn that Sir Patrick Morgan, a member of The British War Council, is the true Ares. Diana is still disappointed by mankind after this reveal, though, which doesn't make much sense.

Since she only killed a decoy Ares and has the real god in front of her, shouldn't her original belief be rebooted? It would make sense if Diana believed that killing the real Ares could bring about peace.

To add to this, it appears to work on a surface level, as we see soldiers at peace celebrating with each other after the true Ares is killed by the Amazonian princess. However, with World War II two decades away, this was clearly an illusion.

18 The Kryptonite Gambit

Perhaps it's because his character comes across as a whimsical mashup of Mark Zuckerberg and Max Landis, but Lex Luthor's schemes in Batman v. Superman feel convoluted at best.

It's pretty clear (or at least clear-ish) that Lex wants Batman to kill Superman in their gladiatorial match. Even after the fight between the heroes he states, " I gave the Bat a fighting chance to do it, but he's not strong enough." However, you have to wonder: did he really?

Batman has a fighting chance against Superman because, earlier in the movie, he steals kryptonite from Lex Luthor. Batman only has himself to thank for his victory against The Man of Steel.

If Lex wanted to give Batman a fighting chance shouldn't he have given The Caped Crusader his kryptonite? Or is Lex Luthor such a genius that he anticipated that Batman would steal the kryptonite from his facilities?

17 Enchantress' Not So Invincible Minions

Eyes of the Adversary monsters Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller's intel in Suicide Squad may be a bit iffy. When talking to Rick Flag, she explains that Enchantress' possessed monsters (official known as Eyes of the Adversary) are an army of super soldiers.

According to Waller, Enchantress takes ordinary humans and, "turns them into a soldier who can take a headshot and still fight." However, this happens after it has been established that headshots kill the goons pretty effectively. Not only that, but the monsters prove to be far less durable than human beings with their body parts exploding on impact.

In some cases the creatures are even killed with a simple punch to the head, which shatters their fragile craniums like they are made of terra cotta. Task Force X wasn't necessary to take these monsters on-- a motivated Rocky Balboa could have gotten the job done.

16 A Doomsday For Everyone

Doomsday Batman v Superman

Why did Lex Zuckerberg create Doomsday in Batman v Superman? To kill Superman of course, but wasn't that why he orchestrated the fight between The Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel?

If Doomsday was a backup plan to Batman's failure then it was a highly risky one. The moment Doomsday emerges from his Kryptonian chrysalis, it is apparent that all he wants to do is murder everybody, not just Superman. He goes after Batman and Wonder Woman with just as much hatred in his heart.

If Doomsday succeeded and killed the heroes, then his rampage would continue. He would go after every single human and would eventually come across his own creator, Lex Landis, and kill him too. Not a well thought out plan by the eccentric billionaire.

15 June Moone Is Bad At Her Job

June Moone Suicide Squad

The so-called archaeologist in Suicide Squad, June Moone, may want to change her profession. While exploring a cave, she comes across an ancient idol.

Indiana Jones would have treated the object with caution proclaiming, "it belongs in a museum!" Moone, however, is a cinematic archaeologist of a different sort. Rather than handle the ancient artifact with care, she decides to pop its head off like it's a Barbie doll she grew bored with.

This leads to her possession, which transforms her into The Enchantress, which in turn nearly leads to the end of the world. She is no Lara Croft. Had June been more careful with the artifact, then perhaps Task Force X could have had a more interesting villain to battle.

14 Play Me An Anachronism

Gal Gadot Chris Pine Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman, as Steve Trevor and Diana find themselves outside a little bar in Belgium, the song "Sous Les Ponts De Paris" plays as the locals dance. After some beer, the two decide to join in the fun and sway to the music.

While "Sous Les Ponts De Paris" is time appropriate, as it was written in 1913, the artist singing this version is not. The voice heard is that of Parisian singer Lucienne Delyle who did not record her version of the song until 1950.

It's also worth noting that she was born in 1913, so Lucienne wouldn't have been able to pull this off unless she was a time traveler in the DC Universe, which, of course, is a possibility in the world of comics.

13 Pa Kent Must Have Superpowers Too

If there's one thing that's clear in Man of Steel it's this: Jonathan Kent does not want his alien son using his scary powers... ever. Instead, he wants Clark to hide all of his special abilities. In fact, a young Clark literally hides in a closet at one point of the movie when his super-senses become too much for him to control.

Jonathan Kent is so good at hiding anything alien about his son that he stores the spaceship that Clark landed in inside a barn attic under a pair of massive trapdoors.

However, many fans have pointed out this superhuman feat, wondering how a human man was able to drag such an enormous ship up into an attic. Perhaps Clark's Kryptonian cooties rubbed off on Jonathan. Too bad they didn't make him strong enough to survive that tornado.

12 Captain Boomerang's Disappearing Unicorn

Captain Boomerang Unicorn Suicide Squad

In Suicide Squad, George "Digger" Harkness' (aka Captain Boomerang) character profile indicates that he has a strong obsession with unicorns. This is demonstrated in the film when he picks a stuffed unicorn up (which he affectionately names "Pinky") and places it in his left coat pocket before the mission. Even when Pinky falls out of the pocket mid-combat, Harkness is quick to put his little friend back in her place.

Later in the film, when Harkness is stabbed in the heart but survives, it's clear that the unicorn did its job and saved his life... or at least that's what many fans suspected, until the rogue pulls a large stash of money out of his jacket pocket.

It was the cash that saved his life when clearly it should have been the unicorn. Way to kill what would have been a hilarious payoff. Looks like the unicorn love will have to be carried on by Deadpool instead.

11 Wonder Boat

Steve Trevor Diana boat Wonder Woman

The Amazonians, being the reclusive type that they are, will never be up to date with modern technology. This held true even during WWI. When Steve Trevors and Diana need to leave Themyscira for London there only means of transportation is an ancient sailboat.

Now, Themyscira isn't on any map, but due to its connection to Greek culture its safe to bet that it's somewhere within the Mediterranean sea, not far from Greece itself. According to Film Theory, the trip from Themyscria to London by boat would have taken two months.

How long does the trip take Diana and Steve? It seems like they get to London in one day. Perhaps the sailboat is an "above average specimen" and worked some magic while the passengers slept overnight-- maybe Wonder Woman features travel teleportation abilities that would make the seventh season of Game of Thrones jealous.

10 What Happened To Griggs?

Griggs Suicide Squad

Griggs is one of the first characters that viewers are introduced to in Suicide Squad. He's a nasty prison guard who we're seen abusing inmates Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

Griggs messing with Harley Quinn is especially dangerous for the character, as he might eventually run into her boyfriend, The Clown Prince of Crime himself. When he's escorting Harley out of prison he does his best to suck-up to her and tries to make sure that things will be cool between him and The Joker.

All Harley Quinn says is, "you're so screwed" and laughs at Griggs's inevitable doom. The problem is that the audience never gets to see what happens to the corrupt prison guard. Griggs just disappears from the movie never to be seen again.

9  9. The Unfortunate Case Of Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen Death Batman v Superman

If it wasn't clear in the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman, the director's cut made it certain-- the cameraman who accompanies Lois Lane to the fictional Nairomi, Africa is Jimmy Olsen-- Superman's pal. Well, not in this version.

Instead, Olsen's sole purpose is to take a bullet to the head. It seems like a disrespectful way to treat a classic character. In the comics, after Lois Lane, Jimmy is one of the most prominent characters in Clark Kent's life.

Zack Snyder explained the odd decision to Entertainment Weekly, "We just did it as this little aside because we had been tracking where we thought the movies were gonna go, and we don’t have room for Jimmy Olsen in our big pantheon of characters, but we can have fun with him, right?"

When it comes to fictional African countries, maybe Jimmy Olsen should have visited Wakanda instead. It looks a lot more fun.

8 The Pentagon Is Where?

Amanda Waller Pentagon Suicide Squad

In Suicide Squad, the Pentagon is where Amanda Waller and her top advisors meet to discuss the use and future of her freshly assembled team of villains, Task Force X. There is a minor issue with the onscreen text identifying the building, however, which revolves around its location.

The text reads "The Pentagon. Washington D.C." In truth, though, the Pentagon is actually located in Arlington County, Virginia, which is across the Potomac River from D.C.

This is a common mistake made by many, though, as the Pentagon actually does have a D.C. mailing address despite its physical location. However, if Amanda Waller is feeling sore about it, she could always convince Enchantress to teleport the Pentagon to whatever location she wishes.

7 Suicide Squad v. Superman

Suicide Squad Official Movie Team Promo Photo

While having a discussion with Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, National Security Advisor Dexter Tolliver posses this question "What if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House and grab the President of the United States right out of the Oval Office?  Who would've stopped him?" A group like Task Force X, of course.

Task Force X consists of soldiers with regular guns, a guy who can climb anything, a guy who throws boomerangs, and a crazy girl with a baseball bat. Also, the team powerhouse, El Diablo, is a pacifist. Could they really take on a superhuman being?

The problem with Task Force X is that they're built up to take on projects far greater than their capabilities. Ironically, the only one who could take on a superhuman threat is Enchantress, the one who betrays the team and becomes the film's main antagonist.

6 Zod's Super Bod

General Zod Man of Steel

Earth is a harsh atmosphere for Kryptonians, as established by Man of Steel. Clark grows up struggling with his super senses that overwhelm him and everything seems so bright and loud that it gives him anxiety and takes away his ability to focus.

When he's at his tipping point, Martha Clark comes to his rescue and shows him how to take it all in stride. She teaches him to make the world feel smaller by having him focus on her voice.

However, when the evil Kryptonian Zod lands on Earth and is exposed to the sensory overload while combating Superman, he needs no such time and patience to overcome it. He kind of just... does. What took Clark years of training took Zod but a moment. In Zod's defense, just like a young Clark, he too is making the world feel smaller-- by killing everyone on it.

5 Letters From Rick Flag

Rick Flag Deadshot Suicide Squad

Earpiece? Check. Ammo? Check. Devices set to blow off the heads of any supervillains should they try to cross Amanda Waller? Check. In Suicide Squad, Rick Flag is a fully equipped soldier on a mission, but he's carrying an extra bit of baggage that just seems bizarre in retrospect.

During the bar scene where all the villains have gathered to drink to the apocalypse, Flag comes in and delivers one last bit of motivation to Deadshot: the letters from his eleven-year-old daughter.

Deadshot is furious that the letters were being kept from him while he served time in prison, but still decides to go save the world. The real question here is: why was Flag carrying around a bunch of letters to begin with? If he really felt that they would have given the marksman extra motivation he could have shown them to him earlier.

4 What's That On Ares' Face?

Sir Patrick Wonder Woman

Ah yes, the reveal of the true Ares turns out to be a British gentleman played by Hogwarts alumni David Thewlis. Sir Patrick Morgan's mustache is perfectly fine and period appropriate. However, things get a little funny when we go back in time and see his origin as Ares.

A flash back to Ancient Greece shows an epic time when petty gods became angry and battled each other in the skies. This is where things get a little weird. Ares then appears in the flash back, cast down from the sky by his father Zeus and he looks like... David Thewlis with a CGI muscular body, along with his (slightly less groomed) mustache and all.

Even the Ares from Xena: Warrior Princess had more suitable facial hair. The most humorous image of all, of course, is Ares in his final form in his bout with Diana, but there are plenty of memes that have that covered already.

3 Harley Quinn's Dangerous Request

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn espresso

Once Enchantress is defeated in Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller takes requests from each surviving member to make their prison sentence a little easier. Deadshot gets to see his daughter, Killer Croc gets BET in his cell, and Captain Boomerang gets nothing because he needs to be punished for being a silly character. Harley Quinn, however, demands an espresso machine and, surprisingly, receives one.

Earlier in the movie, Griggs states that Harley had put five of his men in the hospital. At another point, she is seen hiding an improvised weapon in her hair before her prison extraction.

This is a dangerous woman. Imagine what a homicidal maniac like Harley can do with a machine that produces piping hot coffee. A guard may expect to get a face full of latte the next time they visit her cell.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for the prison guards, The Joker rescues Harley from her cell before she can conduct a Starbucks massacre on her careless captors.

2 Clark Is Stealthier Than Batman

Man of Steel depicts moments in Clark's life before he settled down in Metropolis. He travels the country like a lonely Bruce Banner, taking on random work opportunities. One of the jobs he has is at a bar where things go bad between a group of drunk truckers and a waitress.

They get grabby with her and Clark peacefully intervenes. However, the alpha-trucker attacks Clark by splashing beer in his face and punching him. The punch does nothing because this is proto-Superman we're talking about. The only thing harmed here is Clark's pride.

Clark, being the coolheaded guy he is, brushes it all off-- just kidding. He takes the drunken customer's truck and impales it on giant logs in a method that can only be described as vehicular crucifixion. The question here is: how was Clark able to do this without creating a cacophony that would have alerted everyone within a 20-mile radius?

1  1. Slipknot's Obvious Fate

Slipknot Suicide Squad

In a movie like Suicide Squad, you have to expect certain teammates to die. It's a major part of the franchise after all, as many members of Task Force X have kicked the bucket throughout the decades-long run of the comic book series. In the film, however, it is extremely obvious that Slipknot, the man who can climb anything, wouldn't be escaping this movie alive.

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Rick Flag, Enchantress, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and even Katana all have special introductions that give a little insight into their history and abilities.

The only person who doesn't get a fancy intro is Slipknot. This is why it is none too surprising when he tries to escape and gets his head blown off by Rick Flag's "killer app." If Suicide Squad had a face it would be really bad at poker and would probably draw the Joker card.


Can you think of any other massive mistakes in DC movies that we all choose to ignore? Sound off in the comment section!


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