15 Most Powerful DC Beings, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest

When you think of the most powerful characters in DC Comics, you might immediately picture the superheroes of the Justice League. Maybe you would say Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, or Aquaman is the strongest.

However, these are just some of the strongest beings on Earth. The DC Universe is incredibly vast. It extends far beyond the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and even into different dimensions. With such an expansive universe, DC has a whole lot more than superheroes.

The gigantic universe includes gods of several different religions, as well as the main God figure. There are also angels and demons. There are cosmic entities and other divine beings. The universe contains physical embodiments of natural forces.

Superheroes have powers like super strength and flight. These beings have insane powers like omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. Some of them can create from nothing.

Others have the power to control all matter or even warp reality itself. There are some beings that are so insanely powerful, even a team of Earth's strongest superheroes are no match for them. Some of their powers are so immense, lower beings cannot even comprehend them.

Including characters from the Vertigo titles, these are the 15 Most Powerful DC Beings, Ranked From Weakest To Strongest.

15 Ultimator

Ultimator is one of the most powerful entities in the DC Universe. The monster is the living embodiment of the 10th dimension, the ultimate dimension of all.

Its powers are practically unfathomable and described as god-like. The creature has the ability to warp reality warping, manipulate time, manipulate dimensions, and shape-shifting.

Ultimator is a vicious predator.

It has the ability to devour entire realities. It believes its destiny to to consume all of the other dimension and lifeforms and make everything a part of itself.

Ultimator is an enemy of the 5th dimension imps. By the time it reaches the 5th dimension, Ultimator claims that it has already completely destroyed four dimensions. The imps are no match for the Ultimator's power.

Yet despite being so powerful, Ultimator is somehow defeated by the inferior Fifth-Dimension imp Mr. Mxyzptlk.

14 Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr Mxyzptlk Taunts Superman

Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp from the 5th Dimension. The main heroes of the DC Universe exist in the 3rd Dimension. In the 3rd dimension, he is incredibly powerful.

When the imp visits the 3rd dimension, he has unlimited powers to warp reality and basically do whatever he wants. He is not limited by the physical laws of the dimension and he also cannot be seriously harmed.

Even among the other beings of the 5th dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk is exceptional. He once manages to defeat a higher being from the 10th dimension.

Thankfully, Mxy prefers to use his incredible powers to pull pranks and annoy Superman rather than destroy the universe. There have been a few moments where he has used his powers for destruction, and he has proven to be a formidable force.

13 Kismet

Kismet is a nigh-omnipotent cosmic entity in the DC Universe. She possesses immense cosmic power and can pretty much do whatever she pleases, like manipulate time, space, and reality. Plus since she is not affected by the passage of time, she is immortal.

Kismet is supposedly the literal embodiment of time and also serves as the protector of the DC Universe. The full extent of her powers is unknown since she rarely appears in comics.

She has guided Superman on his path to righteousness.

She also had a prominent appearance in the 2003-2004 Justice League of America and Avengers crossover. A villain attempts to gain supreme power and traps the most powerful beings from the DC and Marvel universes. He takes Kismet from DC and Eternity from Marvel. However, it is not clear if this crossover is canon.

12 Krona

Krona - Most Powerful DC Villains

Krona is an Oan born on the ancient planet Maltus. He was once a scientist that sought to create order in the galaxy. Krona became obsessed with discovering as much knowledge as possible.

He was warned never to try to discover the origins of the universe or a terrible disaster would happen. However, he ignored the warning and created a machine that allowed him to see the beginning of time itself.

Krona manages to catch a glimpse of the beginning of creation, but then the universe completely shatters. This created the DC multiverse and unleashed the concept of evil into the cosmos.

Krona was punished by his fellow Oans. He is turned into pure energy and condemned to wander the universe forever. Krona's wicked actions inspire the Oans to become the Guardians of the Universe.

11 Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful villains in the entire DC universe. He has the ability to absorb the energy of his surroundings. He can even absorb the energy of an entire universe to increase his own power.

The Anti-Monitor is the main villain of DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths. This crossover event effectively destroyed DC's multiverse. He possesses superhuman strength and durability, even withstanding direct punches from Superman and a blue star going supernova.

The villain can also emit bolts of destructive energy and warp reality.

On top of that, he had access to highly advanced technology capable of shifting, merging, or destroying entire universes.

The Anti-Monitor has killed more people than any other known super villain. He has killed billions, including Barry Allen (the Flash) and Supergirl, two of Earth's strongest heroes.

10 Superman Prime One Million

Superman may be the most powerful superhero on Earth. However, the Kryptonian is nothing compared to the cosmic entities of the DC Universe. Nevertheless, there is an alternate version of Superman that can compete with the gods. He is the Superman of the 853rd Century, also called Superman Prime One Million.

This Superman left Earth after he watched all of his friends and family on Earth die. He traveled the entire DC Universe and even reached the realms of Heaven and Hell. He then spent 15,000 years inside of a yellow sun absorbing its energy.

When he finally emerged, he is completely golden. His already impressive powers like super strength, super speed, invulnerability, and heat vision were magnified to nearly infinite levels.

He also gained even more abilities during his time in the sun. He manages to resurrect Lois Lane.

9 The Endless

The Endless is a family of seven very powerful beings. The group appears in the Sandman comics. They represent the abstract concepts of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium.

Their exact origins are unknown. However, The Endless are supposedly the children of Time and Night. It is believed that they have existed since the dawn of time.

They are some of the most powerful beings in the entire universe.

However, The Endless are different from gods. They are natural forces or physical embodiments of aspects of the universe. They existed before gods and other supernatural beings.

The family of seven might be even more powerful than gods. Each member of The Endless has their own realm where they have absolute power and sovereignty.

8 Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen

DC Rebirth has brought the characters from the series Watchmen into the main DC Universe. This includes Dr. Manhattan, one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Dr. Jonathan Osterman was once a nuclear physicist. He was trapped in a radioactive particle test. The force of the generator tore him to pieces and vaporized him. He appeared to be dead.

However, he was actually taken outside the physical realm and later returned with powers so strong that they are practically god-like. Dr. Manhattan has the ability to control all matter at a subatomic level.

He is also clairvoyant, experiencing time in a non-linear, quantum fashion. On top of that, he also has super strength, telekinesis, and the power to teleport himself over planetary and interplanetary distances.

7 Eclipso

Eclipso - Most Powerful DC Villains

Eclipso is the embodiment of the Abrahamic God's Wrath. He is a magical being of nearly unlimited strength-- though it is still nothing compared to his creator's.

He has the power to fly, emit deadly rays of dark light from his left eye, and emit a paralyzing ray of black light from his right eye. Eclipso is immortal and invulnerable and has enhanced speed, stamina, and intelligence. He also is a master swordsman and wields an unbreakable sword.

Eclipso was tasked to punish the wicked. He caused the Great Flood that destroyed the entire world, except for Noah's Ark.

However, he became evil and was stripped of his rank by God.

He is eventually replaced by another one of God's creations, The Spectre, who represents divine Vengeance.

6 The Decreator

The Decreator is a cosmic entity that has the power to make things disappear from existence. It is the shadow of God. The Decreator was born when God was making the universe and uttered the phrase "Let there be light," which created the first shadow.

The Decreator - represented by a giant, bloodshot eye-- is a force of pure destruction. It has no sense of morality, no personality, and no emotions. It cannot be reasoned with nor can it truly be defeated.

The Decreator destroys simply because its nature is to destroy. Members of DC superhero team the Doom Patrol were able to slow down the rate at which it destroys existence. The Decreator continues to silently erase things out of existence, but does it so slowly that humanity does not notice.

5 The Spectre

The Presence, aka the main God of the DC universe, created a cosmic entity that represents his divine vengeance. This entity is known as the Spectre. The Spectre uses his divine powers, including the ability to manipulate time and space and control all matter, to punish the wicked.

The force behind the Spectre was created from Aztar, a demon who returned to Heaven and confessed his sins.

The Spectre Force must bond to a human soul in order to judge wickedness fairly.

Three humans have been the Spectre: James Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Crispus Allen. The Spectre's power is vast. However, it is not limitless. He does not have the power to do whatever he pleases. His powers are limited by the Voice of God and divine law.

4 Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloc is the daughter of the Archangel Michael Demiurgos. This makes her a half-angel and a direct descendant of God. When her father dies, she absorbs his powers and gains the Dunamis Demiurgos, aka the Power of God.

She then takes over for The Prescence, the main god of the DC Universe that rules over Creation, and assumes the Throne of God.

From this point on, she is stated to be the most powerful being in the universe. She is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

She has the same powers as The Presence and Archangel Michael. However, she has much less experience. She had to discover many of her powers on her own. Elaine does not always fully comprehend her powers and does not have complete control over the Dunamis Demiurgos just yet.

3 Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar is a nigh-omniscient, divine being. The DC character is loosely based on Lucifer of the Abrahamic scriptures. He is an archangel and the son of The Presence, DC's version of the Abrahamic god.

When Lucifer rebelled against the Kingdom of Heaven, he was cast out and sent to rule over Hell.

After ruling over the demons and damned souls of the domain for countless years, he eventually grew bored, abandoned Hell, and retired to Earth.

Lucifer's power is only matched by his brother, Michael Demiurgos, and is only exceeded by his father. While Michael represents the power of God, Lucifer represents God's will. Lucifer can shape matter into anything he desires. However, unlike his brother and father, he cannot create something out of nothing.

2 Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos is the DC counterpart to the Archangel Michael of the Abrahamic religions. He is the son of DC's version of the Abrahamic God, the Presence.

As an angel, he has enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility, and the power to fly. On top of that, his father granted him the Dunamis Demiurgos, the power of God. He is also immortal, though another divine being can seriously injure or kill him.

Michael is nigh-omnipotent. He is supposedly the second most powerful being in the entire DC universe, right after his father. He has managed to defeat powerful beings such as the Spectre.

However, his brother Lucifer also matches him in power. Michael has the power to create anything from nothing. He does not have the power to give it shape, though-- he would just need his brother's powers to do so.

1 The Presence

The Presence DC Comics Vertigo

There are a lot of gods in the DC Universe. Gods of different religions coexist. Fictionalized counterparts of the Greek gods like Zeus, Ares, and Athena exist. There are also versions of ancient Egyptian gods and Hindu gods. Then there are the gods of other planets, like Krypton and Tamaran, and the New Gods of New Genesis.

However, there is one godly character within the DC Universe that trumps them all: The Presence.

He is the DC version of the Abrahamic god. His powers are not clearly defined, but he is essentially omnipotent.

The Presence is supposedly infinite and eternal. He is everywhere and cannot be destroyed and has the ability to resurrect the dead. He can also create powerful angels like the Spectre, Eclipso, and Michael Demiurgos.


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