DC's Metropolis Live-Action TV Series Starts Filming This Summer

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DC's upcoming series Metropolis is being put on the fast-track, as filming will begin this June in New York. It's only been a year since DC announced their upcoming streaming service that will help bring new content to life. So far, the biggest buzz has surrounded Titans, which looks to launch the service later this year by exploring Robin, Beast Boy, and other members of the popular teen superhero team. But that long-gestating show won't be the only live-action offering, as we recently learned when a Metropolis TV series was announced by DC.

Metropolis will follow the lead of Krypton and focus on an iconic Superman locale before the Man of Steel arrives. Instead, the titular town will be put in the spotlight and the show will be lead by Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. The series will see them both exploring the fringes of super-science in the City of Tomorrow, offering a stark contrast from FOX's Gotham. Now, we know it won't be much longer until set images start arriving for the show.

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Omega Underground is reporting that Metropolis will film in New York from June until December. There's no word yet on if the show will release all of its episodes at once, like Netflix, or put them out weekly like the other DC shows. If it's the latter, then Metropolis could arrive this fall with its truncated first season continuing to film the rest of the year. If not, it will be 2019 before the show arrives.

Metropolis and Titans won't be alone on DC's streaming service. Season 3 of Young Justice will be coming as well, and is said to join Titans in premiering this year. Meanwhile, an animated Harley Quinn TV series is also underway. The service likely won't want to drop too much content at once, adding to the possibility that Metropolis won't hit screens this year as it's the last of the four shows to begin production.

Outside of the brief description and now some production information, the only other thing known about Metropolis is that it will share some creative connections to Gotham. Executive producers Danny Cannon and John Stephens will be overseeing the project, with the latter writing the pilot and the former directing it. Gotham has had a rocky go, but the last year has seen it settle into a comfortable realm of campy fun. There's no telling if Metropolis will strike a similar tone, but the synopsis so far certainly lends itself to that possibility. And with the show set to shoot soon, we shouldn't have to wait much longer for some casting news to see who will play Lois and Lex.

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Metropolis will arrive on DC's streaming service sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Source: Omega Underground

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