DC's Metropolis Live-Action TV Series Reportedly Delayed

In the wake of today's earlier announcement that DC Comics' new streaming service will be titled DC Universe, it was also announced that filming on Metropolis - a series set in the titular city from the Superman comic books - has been delayed. The series had been scheduled for a 2019 release but is now planned to undergo redevelopment.

The original plan for Metropolis was that, much like the Syfy series Krypton, it would examine an iconic setting from the classic Superman comics in the days before Superman's existence. Metropolis' description invited comparison to supernatural investigation series like The X-Files, with reporter Lois Lane and scientist Lex Luthor joining forces to "investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets." DC's Metropolis was slated to start filming this summer but will obviously have to be postponed until a later date.

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In addition to announcing a Swamp Thing TV series earlier, Deadline also reports the new series will replace Metropolis as DC Universe's second live-action series, after the upcoming Titans debuts, and has been fast-tracked for a premiere in early 2019. The new service's opening line-up will also include the long-awaited third season of Young Justice and a new animated series centered on Harley Quinn.

It remains to be seen what the fan reaction to the delays will be, but it's unlikely there will be any major fallout. Superman fans are notoriously opposed to dramatic changes to the classic formulas and the response to teaming a younger Lex Luthor and Lois Lane was largely indifferent where it was not actively hostile. Many feel that Warner Bros. would be better off focusing on other aspects of the DC Comics multiverse rather than making another Superman series without Superman.

Taking that into account, it seems the decision for DC Universe to rush a Swamp Thing series over Metropolis makes a lot of sense. While Alec Holland is hardly a household name compared to Lois Lane or Lex Luthor, supernatural romances and horror are still hot genres. A Swamp Thing series focused on the weird romance between the titular Earth elemental and Abigail Holland would definitely stand out from the common clay of investigative dramas that currently dominate the airwaves. Of course, it remains to be seen exactly what DC Entertainment will turn Metropolis into next when they start redeveloping the project, or if it will be canned altogether.

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Source: Deadline

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