The Marvel/DC War is Over, Thanks to James Gunn

Gunn's DC Success Can Expose The Trolls

The bottom line: Gunn has proven capable of directing a satisfying, colorful, and bankable comic book adventure--twice. Warner Bros. has rewarded that success by offering a brand already a hit with mass audiences, but not with critics. So whether they loved or hated Ayer's original, if 'fans' are rooting for a new Suicide Squad to fail, they're ignoring Gunn's talent and track record. If 'fans' are rooting for Gunn or DC Films to fail, then they've made up their mind already. Either way, the jig is up, and outright trolling can be easily seen for exactly what it is.

Because as eager as commenters on either side of this debate will be to claim that Gunn's total Suicide Squad reboot should be measured directly against Guardians 3, no honest movie fan will buy in (remove all biases and rivalries from the equation, and judging a reboot against the third chapter in another series is deeply and clearly flawed). To make matters even less clear-cut for comparisons, one DC producer is already hyping up Gunn's Suicide Squad, promising that the current script is "everything you would hope from a James Gunn script and I think that says a lot."

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Marvel fans may think that implies a Guardians vibe, but those who know Gunn's work also know that his MCU films are arguably his broadest, and 'safest' to date. Typically darker, more offbeat, and even risqué, there's reason to expect James Gunn's Suicide Squad will be even less comparable to his Guardians than the first version of the team (and that's not even including Idris Elba replacing Will Smith as Deadshot).

James Gunn Marvel vs DC

That's assuming that Warner Bros. has learned their lesson in interfering with the actual films turned in by their directors, after David Ayer confirmed Suicide Squad isn't his cut, and Zack Snyder's heavily altered Justice League both turned out to be sources of bad press, and not the improvements executives clearly hoped to achieve. In light of that reputation, and considering the marketing appeal of 'letting James Gunn make the movie you won't see in the MCU,' it's in WB's best interest to welcome "everything you would hope from a James Gunn script," which they seem to be doing.

The more different Gunn's films turn out to be, the more that helps to to expose the inevitable rivalry, comparisons, and online debates for all they often are: subjective grades, shifting goalposts, and personal preferences--or good old fashioned trolling--dressed up as factual arguments. And if the trolls eager to keep the DC vs. Marvel fires raging can't be silenced, then at least "James Gunn's new hit film, The Suicide Squad" can expose them.

If Gunn's Suicide Squad disappoints, then conversations will surely be conducted online as to whether he is to blame, or DC Films. But if his new vision of the Squad is a hit, possibly even the start of a new film series, then the lines drawn between Marvel and DC will be more blurred than ever before. Perhaps then those brands can simply be an indication of the characters being adapted, and let the films' talent, tone, successes and failures be weighed and measured on their own. As opposed to forcing a comparison for the sake of a shouting match, online or otherwise.

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