The Marvel/DC War is Over, Thanks to James Gunn

It's official: director James Gunn will bring both The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to the big screen. And after years of trolling and bitter rivalry, Gunn stands the best chance of ending the movie feud of DC fans vs. Marvel die-hards.

To be clear, we're not holding out hope for the trolls using 'comic book movies' as an outlet, or avenue to irritate and insult. We're referring to the long established (and usually overblown) rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics and their fans that has now been translated to films. But despite all creators involved maintaining that the DC/Marvel movie rivalry is "stupid," and comparisons becoming less convincing as talent and tones diversify, the rift has remained.

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Fans have already been assured that James Gunn's Suicide Squad won't interfere with Guardians 3. And in a perfect world it wouldn't have taken Disney firing then re-hiring James Gunn to force WB and Marvel to publicly call a truce. But it can still all be worth it in the end, if Marvel and DC devotees are finally presented with two films, written and shaped by the same creator, but telling different stories. Audiences will have no choice but to do what they always should have done: judge the movies based purely on their content, and not the DC or Marvel brand applied to them.

This Isn't Suicide Squad vs. Guardians

Fate determined that not only would James Gunn be recruited by DC Films, but he would be be entrusted with the ensemble team property already most compared to his Guardians of the Galaxy. The similarities between the two franchises are compelling, but the most important resemblance may end up being their nearly identical box office success stories, with Guardians bringing in $773 million, and Squad racking up $746 million. Which means that everybody--everybody involved behind the scenes wants James Gunn's Suicide Squad to succeed, and the same goes for the end of his Guardians trilogy.

You don't release two films to three-quarters-of-a-billion-dollar global box office takes without a hefty overlap in audience, meaning the vast majority of the comic book audience also wants both films to deliver. Not to mention Dave Bautista, rumored as 'Peacemaker' in what could be the first of several DC movies from Gunn. And with a new team of Suicide Squad villains on a new mission being a fundamental part of the original comic's premise, the opportunity is there for Gunn to make his mark on the Squad without stepping on any more toes than necessary.

Make no mistake: there will still be those who claim outrage, injustice, or take armed positions in the DC vs. Marvel movie debate. But if suicide Squad is any kind of success, the online war between the MCU and DCEU as we know it can't possibly survive.

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