Marvel's Justice League & Avengers Will FINALLY Meet

Marvel DC Avengers Justice League Meet

Warning: SPOILERS up to War of The Realms #4

The Avengers may have left the Justice League in the dust when it comes to blockbuster movies, but in the pages of Marvel's comic universe, DC's greatest heroes are a more terrifying, more lethal strike team than fans have ever witnessed--and at long last, they're finally going to meet their Avenger counterparts. Who you got?

If comic fans haven't kept up to date with the current lampooning of the (Canada-hating) Justice League going on in the pages of Avengers, they'll be delighted to get caught up to speed. The team known as the "Squadron Supreme" was first introduced to Marvel's Universe as rough copycats of DC's superteam, created to give the Avengers knockoff versions to fight (with knowing winks made to the reader every step of the way). But Agent Phil Coulson's new Squadron Supreme of America has been designed to embody the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern more than ever. Which makes their coming showdown the closest thing to a 'Justice League vs. Avengers' story we're ever going to get.

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Normally, the introduction of Marvel's murdering version of the Justice League would be a massive headline--especially with the costumes of 'Power Princess' and 'Nighthawk' basically just color-modified versions of Wonder Woman and Batman's iconic looks. But the arrival of the global War of The Realms has kept the heat off the new team. That's a good thing for Phil Coulson, who is literally creating the Squadron heroes (the farmboy, the warrior princess, the paranoid vigilante billionaire) from scratch, complete with brainwashing. Oh, because Agent Coulson is working for the Devil, Marvel's nefarious villain Mephisto. Did we forget to mention?

Marvels Justice League Squadron Supreme

As the rest of the Marvel catalogue of Earthbound heroes defends the planet from the War of The Realms onslaught, Avengers #18 showed why Coulson would ever want to create ruthless murderers to compete with the Avengers. It's all part of a deal he's made with Mephisto, although the specifics aren't clear just yet. The same goes for the endgame in creating this new Squadron. Is it a move to give the United States their own, national team based out of Washington D.C.? Is it to actually take on the Avengers once the dust of the current realm-war settles? For now, your guess is as good as ours.

However, fans at least know how long they'll have to wait to see these questions answered. According to official Marvel solicits, the new Squadron Supreme of America--"D.C.'s Greatest Heroes!"--will be crashing the party in Avengers #21, set to release on July 10th. With the Avengers apparently uniting to celebrate surviving the war, it's all smiles and waves to their adoring fans... until their biggest competition shows up. And with the cover art for Avengers #21 featuring Mephisto himself grinning madly, as his spectral form hovers over Cap, Tony, Carol, Thor, and Jennifer, we're willing to bet that this fateful meeting is what his manipulations have been leading to all along.

It's anyone's guess how this DC-mockery will be concluded, and how many more jokes will be made at the Justice League's defense before it actually happens. Until the issue arrives, check out the cover art and solicitation information below:

Avengers 21 Comic Cover Art
  • AVENGERS (2019) #21
  • Published: July 10th, 2019
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
  • Art: Jason Masters
  • Cover: Stefano Caselli
  • The war is over, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are looking to celebrate. That’s right, there’s a party at Avengers Mountain! But who invited the Squadron Supreme of America?

Avengers #21 will be available at your local comic book shop on July 10th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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