DC, Marvel & Archie Comics Show Solidarity Against Online Trolls

Marvel, DC, and Archie Comics have stood up for Heather Antos. It started in one of the most innocent ways possible. Heather Antos has been an editor for Marvel Comics for years. She's worked on numerous titles, stories, and heroes -  including Deadpool, Gwenpool, Spider-Man, and Star Wars. On July 28th, she and a group of her co-workers - all female - went out for milkshakes and Antos tweeted a selfie of them enjoying their treats and each other's company. And apparently, that's where she went wrong - at least according to the internet monsters known as trolls.

Suddenly, Antos was facing a barrage of angry and sexist tweets and DMs from a host of people who have never even met her before. Her only crime was hanging out with her friends in Ben & Jerry's, but suddenly she was being accused of being a "fake geek girl" and told they were “the creepiest collection of stereotypical SJWs” and various other insults - just because they're women who work for Marvel. (Though calling people a SJW as an insult does seem strange; if anything, Social Justice Warrior sounds like the name of a superhero.) Making things even worse was that Antos' original tweet was in tribute to long time Marvel employee Flo Steinberg, who had died just a few days earlier and who the women in the picture were celebrating and remembering.

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Well, the comic book world is refusing to stand for it. CBR has reported that DC - is a show of solidarity - tweeted a photo of every woman working for the company, drinking milkshakes and holding their arms in an X over their chests to symbolize Wonder Woman. Marvel has responded in kind, and Archie Comics also got in on the solidarity, posting pictures of milkshakes. All with the hashtag #MakeMineMilkshake.

Cheers @Marvel ladies! #MakeMineMilkshake

— DC (@DCComics) August 1, 2017


— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) August 1, 2017


— Archie Comics (@ArchieComics) August 1, 2017

It is unfortunately a too common occurrence for women who work in areas of entertainment that traditionally have seemed to be predominantly male - such as comic books and video games. The Gamergate movement has gone so far as to make rape and death threats against women working in the video game industry, as well as doxing - sharing their personal information publicly - which makes the threats all the more real as they become easy to find. Women working in the comic book industry - such as Chelsea Cain and Zainab Akhtar - have been reduced to leaving Twitter or shutting down their websites, in order to escape the harassment.

And yet, women continue to work in these industries, in growing numbers. There are female EPs of comic book based TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Arrow. Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman, which has quickly become one of the most popular and well-received comic book movies ever made. And as both Antos' original tweet and the DC response show, there are a lot of women working for comic book publishers. Women who would have proved themselves as knowledgeable enough about comics to be hired by Marvel and DC. Obviously there is nothing "fake" about these loud and proud geek women.

And as the internet is showing with the #MakeMineMilkshake hashtag, most of the world is welcoming these women with open arms. The ones who harass them simply for existing, or for liking comic, video games, science-fiction, or whatever else they like are just a few voices standing up to the many. With this much solidarity for women being shown, it is only a matter of time before the trolls are silenced. And women will continue to make whatever art they want.

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Source: CBR

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