DC's Geoff Johns Brings BIG Reveals to #NYCC

DC Comics Doomsday Clock

Geoff Johns will be bringing some huge reveals for NYCC during a panel about DC Rebirth. We already know that Doomsday Clock will be a huge event for the entire DC Universe, as the characters will uncover who stole 10 years of their lives. Johns has previously teased that Doctor Manhattan will go up against Superman when the event is released in November. Since Rebirth has kicked off, the DCU has been met with many positive reviews about the new hopeful direction that DC has taken its characters, and it's all because Doctor Manhattan has fiddled with the timeline as well as life itself.

Most recently, Johns has been hyping up the event by releasing a front cover for Doomsday Clock. The tweet he sent out teased the idea that Rorschach may be making an appearance at some point in the storyline. The most intriguing part of the cover saw Rorschach's face combining the logos of the main trinity of heroes. Some fans weren't too happy with the inclusion of the legendary Watchmen characters of the DCU, but Johns promises to bring an impressive story that will captivate readers. He's previously teased small spoilers for the series, like the possible appearance of Lex Luthor.

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Johns will be appearing on a panel at New York Comic Con discussing everything that led up to DC's Rebirth and how it came to fruition. But most importantly, the creator will dive into the Doomsday Clock which is coming in November. Fans that attend the panel will also be given a limited edition Doomsday Clock item only available at NYCC. Superman logo on the Watchmen clock badge anyone? DC Comics released a press release about Johns' appearance.

"Mark your calendars for the DOOMSDAY CLOCK panel on the New York Comic Con main stage Friday, October 6, at 6:00 pm ET. During the panel, Johns will reveal the first pages of issue #1 and lead an in-depth discussion on how it all began, starting with his acclaimed DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH one-shot and leading to DOOMSDAY CLOCK this November. In addition, the audience will receive a limited-edition DOOMSDAY CLOCK item available only at the panel."

Fans at NYCC will be able to discover what the first few pages of the huge event will entail and how they connect to the wider DC Universe that Manhattan has been meddling with. And since characters like Mr. Oz will likely be returning, the series will probably have some huge reveals as it goes on. Whether Johns will reveal any more spoilers is another question entirely.

Doomsday Clock is highly anticipated among comic book fans, as it combines Watchmen and mainstream DC characters for the first time in history. Rebirth has its roots in the incredible series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, so there also some high expectations. Johns himself wasn't initially sold on the idea of Rebirth, until he realised that it would work so well. Hopefully his excitement is warranted, and the series will be as good as he claims.

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Doomsday Clock #1 will be released on November 22.

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