DC Films' Rumored Slate Includes Man of Steel 2 & Nightwing

Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing are rumored to be part of DC's official upcoming slate. Following the release of Justice League, Warner Bros. is making some changes to their overall structure as a studio, but also when it comes to their DC adaptations. Throughout the last few years, nearly two dozen films have been said to be in development at the studio. However, each project hasn't received much clarity for their futures. Once the mixed reviews for Justice League resulted in it falling well shy of box office expectations, many expected the DC slate to shift dramatically.

Walter Hamada is now in charge of the studio, and has quickly made some decisions - such as naming directors for Flashpoint - to give the universe some positive momentum. They are surely still figuring out all the changes they will make, but the studio didn't adjust their slate immediately after Justice League. According to a new rumor, they have zeroed in on eight films.

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Revenge of the Fans's EIC Mario Robles revealed in a new article what he's heard is DC's new slate. The slate consists of no-brainers AquamanShazam!, and Wonder Woman 2, but also holds Suicide Squad 2Flashpoint, and The Batman. Robles says this isn't necessarily the order they will hit theaters though. He also added that Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing are part of their plans. This is just a rumor however and things could change, so take the potential slate with a grain of salt.

DCEU Justice League Concept Art

If these eight movies are the next eight to be released by Warner Bros., it shows a few changes to their previous plans. BatgirlGreen Lantern Corps, and Justice League Dark were included in former Comic-Con teases by WB, but Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing were not. Of the films "removed," only Batgirl has a director - but Joss Whedon's status has come into question on multiple occasions. Green Lantern Corps and Justice League Dark have had trouble getting off the ground, but it would still be disappointing to see DC's space and magical films put on the back burner.

The additions of Man of Steel 2 and Nightwing on the other hand make sense. Justice League brought Superman back to life with a renewed sense of hope and optimism, so giving him - the character who launched the universe back in 2013 - a proper sequel is long overdue. Nightwing then can be used to further flesh out the Batman corner of the universe, and The LEGO Batman director Chris McKay has been developing it for quite a while. Robles teased a major Nightwing development is coming soon, so it may not be long before McKay's own tease about casting comes to fruition.

As for the order this potential slate could be released, it wouldn't be surprising to see it come exactly in this order. Aquaman is coming for sure this December, with Shazam! following in April 2019, and then Wonder Woman 2 in November 2019Suicide Squad 2 is aiming to start filming later this year, and Flashpoint could do the same now that it has directors. Plus, if Flashpoint or Suicide Squad 2 is Ben Affleck's final appearance as Bruce Wayne, holding The Batman till after both of those movies is the perfect time to give the new version (probably played by Jake Gyllenhaal) a solo film. Then, following the introduction of a new Batman, they go forward with "the new Superman" they've just introduced, and then flesh out Batman's lore more with Nightwing. Hopefully, it won't be too long before Warner Bros. officially says what films are coming and when. Until then, this potential slate may have to do.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

Key Release Dates
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) release date: Jun 05, 2020
  • Cyborg (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
  • Green Lantern Corps. (2020) release date: Jul 24, 2020
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