25 Crazy DC Fan Castings Better Than What We Got

DC Fan Castings Tom Hiddleston The Joker

Every DC fan has their favorite dream casting. Sometimes dream castings come to life, and iconic characters are made because of it. Unfortunately, there are other times when casting directors totally miss the mark-- that's when fan artists come out of the woodwork to fix things in their own way.

We would never change some of the greats, like Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight, or Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad - but there were plenty that missed the mark too. Remember Halle Berry as Catwoman, or George Clooney as Batman in Batman & Robin? Well, sometimes even the biggest stars can't save terrible renditions of a character. When all hope seems lost, and a franchise seems destroyed, the fans are here to remind us that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thankfully there are a lot of dedicated fans out there, and they have come to the rescue to reimagine some of our favorite actors, and some lesser known as well, as superheros and super villains of the DCEU. Once you see these fan castings, you may never be able to let them go. Could we someday get Emma Stone as Batgirl, or Jon Hamm as The Joker? These highly detailed and creative renditions really have us hoping that DC is paying attention to what the fans want! Let's take a look at some of the best fan castings the internet has to offer.

Here are 25 Crazy DC Fan Castings Better Than What We Got.

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DC Fan Castings Alexander Skarsgard Aquaman
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25 Alexander Skarsgard as Aquaman

DC Fan Castings Alexander Skarsgard Aquaman

This incredibly realistic fan casting of Alexander Skarsgard as Aquaman designed by matrixpath has us questioning everything. Jason Momoa is great and all, but we can't help but wonder what an old school Aquaman would look like on the big screen.

Skarsgard is definitely a closer fit to the original Aquaman than Momoa, especially if you consider the signature blond locks.

It's also fair to point out that Skarsgard would be a perfect pick for an action movie. Remember how buff he got for Tarzan? He made swinging through trees look easy, we're willing to bet he could make underwater action scenes look just as thrilling. If DC ever decides to reboot Justice League, we've got your guy!

24 Emma Stone as Poison Ivy

DC Fan Castings Emma Stone as Poison Ivy

This is almost too obvious of a casting to pass up. Emma Stone is arguably the most famous red-head in Hollywood, and Poison Ivy is arguably the most famous red-head in DC comics. Need we say more?

This beautiful and detailed fan casting was created by BossLogic. Stone looks great in green! On top of having the perfect look, Stone is skilled at both dramatic and comedic acting. Stone could definitely bring a fun, new twist to the devious super-villain. Uma Thurman may hold the spot for most iconic Poison Ivy to date, but Stone could definitely give her a run for her money.

23 Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman

DC Fan Castings Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman

Sometimes, these things basically write themselves. Here we see Jeffrey Dean Morgan designed as Batman, or as creator Evelius likes to call him, Jeffrey Dean Batman. This is one fan casting we never knew we always wanted.

From the look, to his voice, JDM really would make the perfect Batman.

The casting of Batman has always been up for debate in the world of DC fans. We scoffed at Ben Affleck, worried he could never live up to Christian Bale, but then we were pleasantly surprised when Batfleck came through. Now, with rumors swirling that Affleck won't be Batman much longer, doors have opened for dream castings like this!

22 Saoirse Ronan as Supergirl

DC Fan Castings Saoirse Ronan Supergirl

Is there any character Saoirse Ronan can't play? Artist and creator of this look Josh McMahon seems to think Ronan makes complete sense for a new and improved Supergirl.

"I used Saoirse Ronan as the model for this one who I think would be a good choice given her rise in popularity in recent years," McMahon said. We have to agree, Ronan has always been a big player in Hollywood, but now more than ever she has been absolutely nailing it in her films. Maybe Ronan will consider branching out to superhero movies!

21 Tom Hiddleston as The Joker

DC Fan Castings Tom Hiddleston The Joker

If you're looking at this and thinking "blasphemy," we get it. Tom Hiddleston is widely famous in the superhero world for playing everyone's favorite Marvel antihero - Loki.

Consider how well he plays the mischievous, manipulative Loki-- casting him as DC's Joker is a no-brainer.

This rendering of Hiddleston comes from the artistic mind of xxxbWitch. Honestly we're just shocked someone didn't think of this sooner. Of course, for now we have Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker to look forward to. If his role falls flat, fans clearly have some ideas for the next in line.

20 Idris Elba as Green Lantern

DC Fan Castings Idris Elba Green Lantern

Green Lantern may always be remembered for that flop of a movie Ryan Reynolds did before he found his true calling as Deadpool. But does it have to be that way? Take this fan casting done by poumap, for instance. If anyone can save the Green Lantern, it's Idris Elba!

At this point, anything is better than what has already been done.

Can we just all agree that if Elba wants the role, it's his? Green Lantern may not be the most sought-after role in Hollywood, but if Elba were to play it, please believe we're going to watch it!

19 Teresa Palmer as Killer Frost

DC Fan Castings Teresa Palmer Killer Frost

While Teresa Palmer may not exactly be a household name, she's got both the looks and the acting ability to pull off a pretty mean looking Killer Frost. The fan artist farrrou has us convinced with this picture!

Palmer is an Australian actor who you may have seen in her films Warm Bodies, Lights Out, or Hacksaw Ridge. While more well known actress Danielle Panabaker portrays Killer Frost on The Flash, we would love to see Palmer's take. She has the perfect look for Killer Frost, and the dramatic acting abilities to make her a perfect contender if DC decides to take this character to film.

18 Jon Hamm as The Joker

Dc Fan Castings Jon Hamm as The Joker

One of the best things about fan art, and fan castings, is when they come completely out of left field. This rendition of Jon Hamm as the Joker, created by Adam Witton, is a fresh new take on the character that we haven't yet seen.

Hamm is most famous for playing Don Draper in the hit TV show Mad Men. It wouldn't be too far of a leap into the role of the Joker, another troubled character. This fan casting shines a different light on the Joker we're used to - we imagine Hamm would play a more cool and collected Joker, and be more of a "mad man" behind the scenes.

17 Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn

DC Fan Castings Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn

If this isn't the perfect Harley Quinn casting for Christopher Nolan's version of the DC universe, than we don't know what is! Josh McMahon has given us this new take on the eccentric super villain, casting her as Kristen Bell.

Have you ever seen a more adorable Harley Quinn?

Bell's signature wide smile brings a sort of devilish innocence to the character, and it would be very interesting to see just how this version of Harley Quinn would act. As opposed to Margot Robbie's funny and wild depiction on Suicide Squad, we think Bell's Harley Quinn would be far more sneaky and devious.

16 Nathalie Emmanuel as Vixen

DC Fan Castings Nathalie Emmanuel Vixen

A big trend in fan art castings is using actors who have signature roles and personalities to match them to their corresponding superheros or super villains. In this case, Nathalie Emmanuel as Vixen, by farrrou, is an almost perfect call back to her Game of Thrones character.

In Game of Thrones, Emmanuel plays Missandei, Daenerys' right hand woman. She takes no nonsense, and always looks gorgeous while doing it. No wonder she was reimagined as Vixen - a strong woman with powerful ties to nature. While we did get to see Megalyn Echikunwoke as Vixen in the Arrowverse, this depiction of Emmanuel easily takes the cake.

15 Oprah as Amanda Waller

DC Fan Castings Oprah Amanda Waller

While Viola Davis may be one of the best actors in the business, we would love for this fan casting of Oprah as Amanda Waller to come true. Imagined and created by BossLogic, Amanda Waller as Oprah gives us all the powerful woman vibes that we need!

Seeing as how Oprah is, in many ways, a real-world Amanda Waller, it makes too much sense.

Oprah may not be as evil or ruthless, but she is just as respected and powerful. DC should really start looking through fan art before they cast these roles!

14 Willem Dafoe as The Joker

DC Fan Castings Willem Defoe The Joker

Talk about a dream casting! BossLogic's take on Willem Dafoe as the Joker is one of the best we've seen. DC fans have been wanting to see Dafoe in this role for years now. He was great as Green Goblin in Spider-Man, but fans want to see more.

Dafoe's iconic, devilish grin is one obvious reason that he would be perfect for the part, but it's more than that. Dafoe's acting abilities are unmatched. He's one of the most accomplished character actors of his time, and would bring some serious prestige to the role of the Joker. Sadly, it seems this dream casting will stay a fan pipe-dream.

13 Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman

DC Fan Castings Jaimie Alexander Wonder Woman

This solo movie costume concept for Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman comes from the mind of Josh McMahon. While it's hard to argue that anyone could pull of Wonder Woman better than Gal Gadot, Alexander has the looks and the strength to pull it off.

We've seen her action sequences in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, so we know she can handle the high-intensity fight scenes that Wonder Woman gets into. Alexander's TV show Blindspot is action-packed too, making it clear that tough roles are what she is made for.

12 Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler

DC Fan Castings Neil Patrick Harris The Riddler

This is one of those fan castings that basically creates itself. Here we see Neil Patrick Harris reimagined by Josh McMahon as the Riddler.

There's really no imagining required - NPH actually dressed up as the Riddler for Halloween!

NPH and his family always go crazy with their Halloween costumes, and back in 2016 he made our Riddler dreams come true. Aside from his signature suits that are always perfectly tailored, NPH also embodies the Riddler with his personality. We would love to see his charming yet goofy take on the character.

11 Josh Brolin as Batman

DC Fan Castings Josh Brolin Batman

Thanos, is that you? Okay, we'll try to forgive Josh Brolin's Marvel villain moment, and imagine him instead as DC superhero vigilante, Batman.

Boy, does he fit the suit well!

This fan casting comes from francus321. Brolin's Batman is almost reminiscent of Christian Bale as Batman. Brolin would be a great choice for an older Batman, and as some fans have pointed out, we need an older Batman if we ever want a Batman Beyond movie! While Brolin may be too busy with Marvel at the moment, we would welcome him as old man Batman.

10 Rachel Weisz as Silver Banshee

DC Fan Castings Rachel Weisz Silver Banshee

While we've seen Silver Banshee played by Italia Ricci in Supergirl, this fan casting completely blows it out of the water. Created by farrrou, Rachel Weisz is the Silver Banshee we never knew we always needed. This is by far one of the most beautiful and mystical renderings of Silver Banshee we've ever seen.

With the help of motion capture and CGI, this vision could actually become a reality. Weisz is no stranger to supernatural films, like The Mummy and Constantine. Maybe she will want to make the leap into a supervillain role!

9 Dylan O'Brien as Red Hood

DC Fan Castings Dylan OBrien as Red Hood

Dylan O'Brien as Red Hood almost makes too much sense. This highly detailed fan casting by SavageComics makes us really believe that it's true! O'Brien is famous for The Maze Runner series as well as his role on Teen Wolf.

It's safe to say that he's comfortable with an action-packed role.

Where's his signature red hood, you may ask? Well, that's the fun of fan art. SavageComics has given us a new spin on an old character, and we're loving the dark and twisted vibes of a less colorful version of Red Hood.

8 Eliza Gonzalez as Catwoman

DC Fan Castings Eliza Gonzalez Catwoman

There's quite a long list of actresses who have played Catwoman. From the iconic, like Michelle Pfeiffer, to the surprisingly excellent, like Anne Hathaway, to the downright terrible, like Halle Barry - Catwoman fans have been through the ringer.

This fresh fan casting comes from Comic Vine, and it stars Eliza Gonzalez, an up and coming actress who you may recognize from the film Baby Driver. Gonzalez definitely looks the part. A lesser-known name may be exactly what Catwoman needs in upcoming DC films - Camren Bicondova in Gotham is proof of that!

7 Natalie Dormer as Livewire

DC Fan Castings Natalie Dormer Livewire

Our prayers have been answered with a single picture! Natalie Dormer as Liverwire, created by farrrou, is like a dream come true. This depiction is very reminiscent of Dormer's character Cressida from The Hunger Games movies - shaved head and all.

It's no secret that Dormer is an incredible actor, and tends to play very powerful roles.

We have seen Leslie Willis play Livewire on the TV show Supergirl, and while she did a fine job, we can't help but think Dormer would nail it on the big screen. Looks like it's time for a Livewire solo film!

6 Eric Bana as Brainiac

DC Fan Castings Eric Bana Brainiac

Converting Eric Bana's Star Trek character into DC's Brainiac is totally genius. We can thank saywonderland for this incredibly fan casting.

In Star Trek, Bana plays Nero - a Romulan with green skin, very close in looks to what we may expect of a live-action Brainiac. Blake Ritson plays a similar looking version of Brainiac in the new TV show Krypton, but we can't help but think that Bana would be a better fit. After seeing Bana play the troubled and conflicted Nero, there's no doubt he would do Brainiac justice.

5 Ryan Gosling as The Flash

DC Fan Castings Ryan Gosling The Flash

The Flash is usually known for being a speedy, often wise-cracking young man just trying to figure the superhero world out. While Ryan Gosling may not be as young as the actors we've gotten used to as Flash, his wit and charm would make him shine in this role. This fan casting from Josh McMahon has us questioning everything. Is Grant Gustin really the best Flash we've gotten? What about Ezra Miller?

Could Gosling really do it better than it's already been done?

We have total faith in him, and would love for this fan dream to become a reality!

4 Emma Stone as Batgirl

DC Fan Castings Emma Stone Batgirl

When it comes to casting Emma Stone in DC roles, why stop at Poison Ivy? To be fair, she could probably play any female superhero or supervillain and we would be happy. This fan casting from Movie Web really has us convinced - we are suddenly in desperate need of a red-headed Batgirl!

Can we also talk about this Batgirl outfit? In comparison to Alicia Silverstone's version of Batgirl, this one is on a completely different level. Emma Stone simply belongs in the DCEU.

3 Jon Hamm as Two-Face

DC Fan Castings Jon Hamm Two Face

Jon Hamm seems to be a popular choice for fan castings in the DC world.

Here we have an eerily realistic depiction of what Hamm would look like as the villain Two-Face.

Imagined and designed by SavageComics, this is one fan casting we won't be able to get out of our heads! While Aaron Eckhart gave a convincing performance as Two-Face in The Dark Knight, we can't help but think that Hamm would bring something extra special and diabolical to the role. Not to mention, Hamm looks just like the comic book version.

2 Christina Ricci as Harley Quinn

DC Fan Castings Christina Ricci Harley Quinn

Many actors have played and voiced Harley Quinn over the years, and we can't help but wonder why on earth Christina Ricci hasn't been one of them yet? This fan casting concept comes from D3SIGNMILITIA, and we are forever grateful for it.

We're getting serious Wednesday Addams vibes here. Just imagine a Harley Quinn with a dark personality like Wednesday. We think Ricci could bring a completely new level to Harley Quinn that we have yet to see. It is likely the reason D3SIGNMILITIA imagined her in Christopher Nolan's Batman universe.

1 Meghan Ory as Huntress

DC Fan Castings Meghan Ory Huntress

Meghan Ory is no stranger to fantasy roles. Most notably, she played Red Riding Hood, aka Ruby, on the show Once Upon A Time. Her character was a fan favorite and a new take on the original Red Riding Hood.

This fan casting design is by farrrou, and while it stays true to the original comic version, there is also a magical element that we don't always get to see from Huntress. Ory looks strikingly similar to the comic original as well, and DC would be remiss not to at least consider her when casting a new Huntress.


Which DC fan casting is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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