DCEU: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor may be perfect, but are Harley and the Joker? These are the DCEU's best and most nonsensical couples!

The DCEU has a plethora of popular and beloved comic book couples to adapt. Duos such as Batman and Catwoman and Superman and Lois Lane are some of comics' most well-known romantic pairings, inspiring generations of Halloween and cosplay costumes.

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So far, the DCEU has incorporated several DC romantic pairings. Some have proved effective teams and their love for each other has garnered fan support, whereas others have only made fans scratch their heads. Whether canon or fanfiction material, the DCEU has spawned perfect - and problematic - love interests throughout the films. Here are five DC couples who are perfect for each other and five who make no sense.

10 Perfect For Each Other: Diana Prince & Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince have never officially been a couple in the DC Extended Universe, but the two characters share an undeniable amount of chemistry. They first met in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and enjoyed a flirtation with each other, and their feelings were also teased in Justice League.

There is little chance of seeing this couple again now that Ben Affleck has departed from the franchise. With Robert Pattinson donning the trademark cowl in the upcoming movie directed by Matt Reeves, the future of the DCEU'S Batman remains unclear.

9 Made No Sense: Harley Quinn & The Joker

Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn and the Joker may have inspired a wave of merchandise, but the couple was a poor representation of their comic book counterparts. The toxic relationship was heavily romanticized and their scenes brief, and it is a bizarre stretch to imagine Harley falling for this version of the Joker.

Jared Leto's incarnation of the Clown Prince of Crime was divisive and it is doubtful that he will appear in the DCEU again, unlike Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn who will take center stage in 2020's Birds Of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn.

8 Perfect For Each Other: Diana Prince & Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor's character could easily have been a forgettable love interest, but the seasoned pilot proved that he was an integral part of Wonder Woman. Diana and Steve feel like equals and partners throughout the film and make an effective team together.

Steve's death scene at the end of the film is a devastating moment for Diana, though Chris Pine is set to reprise his role for Wonder Woman 1984. With the Flash force always an option, DC could reunite Steve and Diana for good.

7 Made No Sense: Rick Flagg & June Moone

Rick Flag and June Moon kiss

Rick Flagg and June Moone made a dull couple. The two lacked chemistry and their relationship was a plot device in Suicide Squad that gave Flagg some much-needed humanization and temporarily stalled the team's chances against the Enchantress.

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The couple shared a few minutes of screen time before June became permanently possessed by the Enchantress. The limited scenes together hurt this pairing and made their 'love' an afterthought.

6 Perfect For Each Other: Arthur Curry & Mera

Like Steve and Diana, Arthur and Mera also feel like equals throughout Aquaman, both being superpowered Atlanteans with clear mutual respect. Their adventures together are entertaining and both characters share undeniable chemistry - even underwater.

Arthur and Mera both share a wild but just nature, and Mera's rationality balances Arthur's impulses. The two prove during the film's climax that they are a powerful duo.

5 Made No Sense: Captain Boomerang & Katana

This one-sided pairing was teased in Suicide Squad, with Katana quickly rebuffing Captain Boomerang's advances. It is little wonder, as Jai Courtney's character is a criminal whose morals don't correspond with hers.

Katana appears to be still dedicated to her deceased husband during her brief scenes in Suicide Squad. Her character could reappear in the DCEU as part of Birds Of Prey, as the character has been a key member of the team in the comics.

4 Perfect For Each Other: Clark Kent & Lois Lane

Clark Kent and Lois Lane's relationship is an iconic staple of the Superman universe. The two journalists share several qualities and have faced adventures and adversity throughout their many incarnations.

Lois is Clark's link to his humanity and it is her presence that finally calms him after being resurrected in Justice League. The two make an effective duo and there is no question that they are deeply in love with one another.

3 Made No Sense: Aquaman & Wonder Woman

Like Bruce and Diana, Arthur and Diana have never officially been a couple in the DCEU but did share a flirtation in Justice League. Aquaman tells Wonder Woman how much he admires her after inadvertently sitting on her lasso, hinting at romantic feelings.

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This moment is predominately played for laughs but still felt like an unnecessary inclusion in the narrative. Diana and Arthur failed to feel like teammates, something which can be rectified in a sequel.

2 Perfect For Each Other: Deadshot & Harley Quinn

Deadshot and Harley Quinn have shared a romantic history in the Suicide Squad comics, and though they were not canonically lovers in the 2016 DCEU installment, the two characters had considerable chemistry. Harley and Deadshot shared a playful camaraderie and were a bigger ship-worthy couple than Harley and Joker.

There is an understated 'kindred spirit' relationship between the two squad members. Deadshot seems to genuinely understand and sympathize with Harley, refusing to shoot her on Amanda Waller's orders even after she tempts him with freedom.

1 Made No Sense: Orm & Mera

Orm was never a viable contender for Mera's heart as the primary antagonist of Aquaman and was merely an obstacle for his half-brother Arthur and Mera to overcome. They may have been betrothed but Orm and Mera were mismatched and their marriage would have been unhappy.

Orm and Mera's betrothal is more of a plot device than a romantic angle, giving Arthur more incentive to overthrow his brother as King of Atlantis. Arthur and Mera have a happily-ever-after of their own at the end of Aquaman and Orm and his forces are defeated.

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