Leviathan's TRUE Identity Finally Confirmed [SPOILERS]

The final issue of DC's Event Leviathan finally unmasks the mysterious villain, revealing their true identity - and how far they'll go to win.

DC Event Leviathan Identity Revealed

Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS for Event Leviathan #6

When Event Leviathan promised to remake the world of DC Comics and its many top secret intelligence groups, nobody expected the secret group to pull it off so perfectly. And as that success was attributed more and more to the masked figure leading the group, every reader asked the same question: who is Leviathan?And now, the secret has been confirmed.

The previous issue saw Damian Wayne deliver the break in the case everyone was waiting for, even if he couldn't say which Manhunter was actually Leviathan. But fans didn't need any more details, after writer Brian Michael Bendis let Leviathan clues drop, setting up the final reveal in Event Leviathan #6 But make no mistake: while readers now know the name of the man under the mask, his mission is far from over. Which means 2020 just got a lot more exciting for Superman and the Justice League. Needless to say, SPOILERS ahead.

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Yes, Leviathan is... Mark Shaw The Manhunter

Leviathan DC Manhunter Mark Shaw

"The Daily Planet can exclusively report a onetime costumed adventurer unleashed yesterday's unprecedented, massive attack on the world intelligence organizations. Mark Shaw, once called Manhunter and a former United States intelligence operative, now controls the Leviathan terrorist organization."

The final issue of the Event Leviathan miniseries is told largely out of sequence, with Superman last seen trapped by Leviathan, but introduced recounting the events to Lois Lane for her Daily Planet cover story. He confirms he got a direct look at Leviathan's unmasked face, meaning he could confirm the leader's claim that he was Mark Shaw, former Manhunter and more recent spy. A close friend and partner to General Sam Lane, Shaw's pleas to Superman confirm that he believes what he's doing is for a better world. So much so, the group has taken every possible step to NOT oppose Superman, believing a new world built on truth might be more deserving of the Man of Steel's protection.

His argument falls on deaf ears, of course, since Superman technically IS an agent of maintaining the status quo, as opposed to the (greater) chaos that revolution, or the removal of existing governments would entail. The book itself, and Lois Lane's coverage of the story on the Daily Planet front page treat Leviathan like an egotistical, self-serving monster... but readers may not feel the same way. Lois reveals her father provided the inspiration and roadmap Shaw is now following, fueled by the good people who would be willing to tear down the broken systems they were helpless to change. But the heroes strike to save Superman, foiling Leviathan's immediate plan, and leaving him and his forces to regroup.

The Manhunter's Mission is Far From Over

Event Leviathan Comic Manhunter Ending

"The world has gone to Hell. You know that! What are you protecting? Governments? With their secrets revealed... they'll be gone by Monday. That's what comes next. That's what happens this morning. All secrets revealed! And then we can build something real. Truthful... Your truth is you want this. You're fighting to keep things the way they are. Well ##!@ you, Superman."

The Event Leviathan officially ends with Shaw's plan outlined, explaining that the group is going to expose the most closely-guarded secrets of everyone, every nation on Earth, all at the same time. Leaving the people of those nations to do with these shocking cover-ups and deceptions as they see fit. With only 40 minutes to spare, the heroes send Leviathan fleeing. But the final panels of the issue confirm that Leviathan is far from defeated. As he observes his identity and plan exposed on The Daily Planet's front page, the superhero Jim Harper a.k.a. The Guardian offers words of support. Reassuring his leader that the group remains strong and united, it's Shaw who delivers the chilling conclusion.

Having taken every action possible to prevent the loss of life, and trigger these changes without needing to oppose Superman... his hand has now been forced. Which makes the continuing story in Action Comics #1018 the next book fans will need to read. And the wait until January will be excruciating, since it appears neither Mark Shaw nor the forces of Leviathan are going anywhere just yet.

Event Leviathan #6 is available now from your local comic book shop. The story continues when Action Comics #1018 is released on January 1st, 2020.

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